The commercial window tinting sector has been improving over time, and the business has reached up to $400 billion. Window tinting is one of the common commercial renovation projects for business premises to consider at a point. You’re selecting your window tinting; it is significant to undertake research that suits well to your needs.

Are you thinking about which window tinting company is best for you? Window tinting films come with several benefits for your business, including the improvement in productivity and comfort, offering additional security and safety and energy-saving 

The accurate commercial window tinting protects your furniture and decor from the sun’s UV rays and gives your room a better look. Here I will discuss the different window tinting film and their properties. Reading this blog will help you adopt the right window tint for your business.

Decorative window tinting film 

  • The choices of color and texture are vast when discussing decorative tinting films. 
  • They will improve the design of your building as they will complement your office interior.
  • They offer a higher level of privacy.
  • They help in controlling the brightness in the room.
  • These films are good for your exterior and can complement your interior by adding style and opacity to it. 

Here I will guide you about the available options for tinting films available. 

Frosted or textured tint

Are you looking for etched glass? Textured window tinting films are designed to reflect sunlight. It will create a designer glass look at quite a low cost. Its diffusing properties naturally enhance privacy.


Suppose you are searching for a way to add a unique design to your space. Window tinting films with geographical patterns are the best option. You will have a variety of options, from polka dots to pinstripes, etc.


Gradient window tinting transitions are available in clear or opaque options. You can use these window tints where you will require privacy or you want to hide unattractive spaces. Simply put, people use this tinting film in an area where they wish for proper privacy from passersby.

Colored tinting films 

Some businesses want to enjoy integrating color splash into their tints. Whether you want a bold. 

Colors, opaque or subtle, are available in these tinting films. When you can decorate your commercial space with window tinting movies, you may have a lot of possibilities. So, don’t limit your imagination; talk to Auto Boss Vaughan experts for more details and help. 

Reflective films 

Reflective window tinting films are quite common in commercial buildings. It allows freedom of light to enter your room and provides a mirrored, shiny appearance. It is a highly affordable tinting film without affecting the classic look of your business.

Neutral window tinting film

Business owners want window tinting film to reduce the impact on the quality of indoor light. If you aim to block UV rays blocking without adding color or texture to the window glass, the neutral film is the solution. 

Deluxe window tinting film

If your requirement is blocking sunlight, heat, or reducing glass, choose a deluxe film. It is non-reflective whether it is outside or inside and improving the building. 

Security and safety window tinting film

Window tinting films have more qualities than making your space better. It also helps improve the safety of your business, from glass breakage to on-site security.

It takes less than a minute for a window glass to break. However, it may take two or more minutes to penetrate the shock to your window glass. It helps in giving space to the employee to tackle the emergency. Business owners prefer to install window tinting film, especially on doors and outward-facing windows.

C-bond window tinting film

The patent-protected window tinting provides ultimate security to your business. The tinting film increases the strength and flexibility of the window glass by 100%. The quality makes this film impenetrable. Now these films are used in many of the high-end buildings across the country.


Window tinting films reduces energy consumption, saving money on utility bills and your carbon footprint. When businesses aim to “go green” and make it a part of public image, these window tinting films solve this question. Hence the demand for energy-efficient is increasing.

Most energy-efficient window tinting locks sunrays and heat inside during cold months. According to research, around one-third of the business money is spent on cooling and heating costs, as you may lose energy through your windows. Ask Auto Boss Vaughan experts to guide you about it.


Explore the window tinting types today!

In the blog, you get an idea about the window tinting types and their qualities. This guide helps you decide which window tinting film enables you to achieve your aim for installing windows.

Try to make this decision with an expert. Let Auto Boss Vaughan experts give you more information and different options, and they will install them perfectly. Contact us for free estimates.


Which tinting percentage is common?

The most common tinting ratios are 50%, 35%, 20%, or even 5%.

Is 35% window tinting film darker than 20%

35% window tinting films provide a darker appearance, but it is also easy to see through. Although it creates a stylish, smooth look, it does not give you proper privacy.

Which window tinting film is better for privacy?

If you need complete privacy, darker shaded non-reflective, and dual reflective window tinting films help you bring the best results.

Which colors are used to make a window tinting film?

Window tinting films come in light values. It means the white color is made with other colors to create a tinting color. 

What is color intensity?

Color intensity is the dullness or brightness of a color. When a color is mixed with white, gray, or black, it becomes dull.