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Tinting a car window is worth it because of the aesthetic appeal it gives to the car. Asides from that, tinting your vehicle makes the glass sturdier. Most importantly, it protects your vehicle’s interior from UV rays and direct sunlight, which are responsible for cracking leather car interiors.

You can install the window tinting film using DIY methods, but it’s best to allow an expert to handle it. With an expert, you can reduce the extent of possible damages that may occur during installation.

In this article, you’ll learn about the various types of films and the advantages of tinting your car’s windows. Also, you’ll see the steps to take when preparing to tint the windows of your vehicle.

Is Car Window Tinting Worth it?

The question above is important whenever you’re trying to decide whether to tint your car window. Car window tinting is the process of using a thin laminate film to darken a vehicle’s glass.

You can do car window tinting through your dealership, professional automobile workshops, or you can do it by yourself if you have the necessary skills or expertise.

However, there are different types of car window tinting available for use. The common characteristic or feature of these films/ tints is that they protect your car from sun heat and UV rays. They include:

Ceramic Tinting

Ceramic tints are the best option if you’re looking for car window tinting with high quality. Ceramic tinting is a new type of tinting that contains particles of ceramics. Ceramic tinting is a new type of film, and it’s quite expensive. But its  cost is worth it thanks to its high quality and performance.

This type of car window tinting is worth it because it blocks about 50% of the sun’s heat and disrupts visibility. It also blocks almost 100% of UV rays. Thus, providing the best sunlight and UV ray protection for your car’s interior.

Metallic tinting comes close to ceramic window tinting, but it usually affects electronic equipment by blocking signals. Ceramic films are a better and efficient option.

Metalized Tinting

Metalized window tinting films comprise tiny metallic particles that block sunlight. The particles are invisible because they’re well hidden within the film.

You can easily identify a metalized window tint because of its shiny nature. Metalized car window tinting is good because it has higher scratch resistance.

Crystalline Car Window Tinting

Crystalline window tinting is for people that want to make the windows of their vehicles very dark. It also blocks UV rays and reduces the sunlight effect on the interior of your car.

Dyed Window Tinting

Dyed window tinting is the best type of film for people on a budget. However, this type of film won’t avail the kind of protection other films provide.

Although it protects your car against sunlight, dyed window tinting is not as effective as the other types of films. It’s also not as durable as other films.

Hybrid Window Tinting

This type of window tinting film comprises dye and metallic particles, e.g. grey dye and titanium. Combining these elements makes the film not too reflective, dark or like a mirror.

It’s a good type of film because it’s the right amount of bright and reflective. It also provides privacy to a good extent while blocking UV rays and heat decently.

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Pros of Car Window Tinting

Generally, car window tinting adds to the aesthetic of your car. It also makes your car look different and stand out. But there are a couple of other reasons people may choose to tint the windows of their vehicles.

Below are the pros/ advantages of car window tinting.

Car Theft Reduction

car theft reduction

Tinting your car window is worth it because it doesn’t only add beauty to your car. It also serves as first-line security for your vehicle. Before thieves break into a car, they try to observe if a person or valuables is inside or not by looking through the glass.

The thief or thieves will try to ascertain if the risk is worth it. But when you tint your car window beyond transparency, it affects the thief’s ability to see through the glass. So in a parking lot full of cars, a thief will most likely skip a heavily tinted car for fear of not knowing what or who is on the inside.

It’s noteworthy that the darker the tint, the more security it provides. Car window tinting will not stop thieves from targeting your car for specific reasons like the model or if you’re a special target. If your vehicle is valuable, it’ll be a potential target at all times.

Sunlight and Ultraviolet (UV) Ray Protection

Sunlight is one of the reasons tinting your car window is always worth it. Direct ultraviolet (UV) rays and sunlight affect your car’s interior over time regardless of the interior materials. If your vehicle has a leather interior, then car window tinting is definitely worth it.

Sunlight and UV rays make the leather interiors of cars crack, contributing to the car’s depreciation. That’s why there are many vehicles with cracked dashboards and seats.

But a quality car window tint reduces the effect of sunlight and UV radiation. As a result, it protects the interior of your car from wearing out faster.

Improved Car Aesthetic

Cars with tinted windows have a better visual appeal. There’s this uniqueness about dark tinted windows that enhances the appearance of any car. It’ll make your car look cooler and different from other vehicles.

It’s important to make sure professionals do the job with the right skills and expertise. It may look simple, but you may end up wasting money if it’s not properly done. It’ll also affect the car’s appearance negatively.


Driving in a hot car is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. For instance, you’re rushing to meet up with an appointment and enter your vehicle that has been under the sun for a while. So, naturally, the journey won’t be an appealing one.

A car window tint is worth it because it helps your car stay cool. You don’t have to worry about putting on the AC for a few minutes before entering the vehicle. Instead, you can just hop right in and zoom off comfortably.


Car window tinting is worth it because it provides privacy even in broad daylight. In addition, a good window tint prevents people from staring into your car. For instance, there are times during the day that you may just want to be by yourself, with your car being the only option.

A car with tinted windows will offer more privacy than cars without tint. No one can see inside your vehicle, so you’re free to express yourself anyhow you want to in the privacy of your car.


Windshield Protection

The film professionals use for car window tinting makes the glass stronger and difficult to break. In addition, the film holds the glass together, makes the glass sturdier and gives the glass a higher chance of staying intact.

Glare Reduction

One of the advantages of car window tinting is that it reduces glare while being virtually clear. Some ceramic films go as far as lowering glare by almost 15%. Glare reduction is important on those roads that lead you directly towards the sun or headlights of oncoming vehicles at night.

Cons or Downsides of Car Window Tinting

Tinting the windows of your car is always a good idea, but there are a few downsides you’re to understand.

The cons of tinting the windows of your vehicle may sound worrisome, but you can always avoid them. See the explanations of the drawbacks of tinting your car below.

Visibility Problems

You need to be careful about the shade of the tin. Sometimes, it may be difficult for the driver and other occupants of the vehicle to see outside. This problem of visibility may not be a problem during the daytime. But it may become more difficult in low-light situations, e.g. dusk or nighttime.

When outward visibility becomes a problem, it can give way or cause dangerous circumstances that lead to an auto crash. The driver or owner of the car is to consider the dark shade of the glass.

Cops Attraction

Car with tinted windows look attractive and aren’t difficult to spot. Like every other person, such cars attract the attention of the cops. However, the issue of car tinting and dealing with the cops is largely dependent on two factors: the state you reside in and the type of tint you choose.

Different states have different laws when it comes to car window tinting. For example, some states may permit darker tints, while some have restrictions.

Installation Damages

Some mistakes may occur during the tinting process if the technician or professional isn’t skilled enough. To limit these mistakes, go for the best car window tinting services you can get.

A good professional will inspect your windows for any damage like cracks, rock chips or warping. The professional will have to report any damage he finds to avoid being held liable for further damage if you wish to continue.

Steps to Take when Tinting Your Car

Here’s what you need to do:


While trying to make your car look good by installing car window tints, you may be breaking the law. Different states in Canada have different car window tinting laws. So you may want to take time to research properly and know the tinting law that applies to your state of residence.

Although, an experienced professional or technician may be well informed as regards. But it’s best to know what the law says for yourself.


When you’re about to tint the windows of your car, ensure, the windows are clean. Clean windows make it possible for your vehicle to receive an appropriate and durable installation. Although, your car tint installer will clean the glass before the tint installation.

You can extend the hygiene to the interior of your car by taking out some time for proper clean-up. Then, seize the opportunity to declutter your vehicle by ridding it of excess or unnecessary items. So that after the tint installation, the exterior and interior parts of your car will both look good.

Get Value for your Money

Getting value for your money is the most important responsibility when it comes to car window tinting. Once the professional is done with the tint installation, many people don’t calm down to inspect the job. It’s your responsibility to make sure that you’re okay with the job. Also, ensure that it meets the requirements of your state’s laws as regards.

Car Window Tint Process

The car window tinting process varies for installers. However, everyone can apply a general method to install films on various types of cars properly. If you don’t possess the necessary skills, it’s best you let experts handle it. Allowing experts to handle it will mitigate the risk of damages. See the process below:

Set the Tinting Environment

The car window tinting process is best done in a wind-free environment that’s also void of dust. Most people use the large interior bay of a building.

Prepare the Windows for Tinting

The window of the car must be clean before installing the film. You can use soap, water and a sponge to clean the interior and exterior part of the glass. Then use a dry towel to dry it squeaky clean.

Measure and Cut the Film

Firstly, measure the window of the car and cut the film accordingly. The next step is to spread the film on the outer part of the car’s window to get an accurate cut. Then, use a heat gun to shrink the film so that it’ll curve to the glass surface of the window.

Remove the already cut window-sized film from the window and place it on a glass peel board to get finer detail. Then you remove the liner.



Install the film to the interior side of the car’s window. Spray the window and film with soap and water solution. Proceed to take off the liner from the film and gently affix it to the window. Remember to remove the excess solution under the film and make sure the film is firm on the window.

Final Inspection

Take time to look at your work for finishing touches on some parts. Then, do what you can to make the job look better and neater.

Time to Dry

Allow your work to dry. Don’t try to roll down the car’s windows immediately. It’s best to wait for 72 hours so it’ll dry properly.

Cost of Window Tinting

It usually costs about $150 to tint a small car and $500 and above for bigger vehicles. But Depending on your choice of film and location, the cost of window tinting may significantly increase or decrease. Whatever the case may be, the cost of tinting your car is always worth it.

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Final Thoughts

Tinting the windows of your car makes your car look more appealing. But if you’re not careful, you may be attracting the wrath of the law. Some states have strict laws against tinting the windows of your car. That’s why you need to research state laws regarding tinting.

It’s a good idea to tint your car because of the various advantages it bears. However, install a safe level of dark tints to avoid accidents. That’s the major reason you’re to allow professionals to handle the car tinting process.

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