graphene ceramic coating

Graphenes has a variety of potential applications. It is used in many electronics, energy storage, coatings, biomedical devices, sensors, etc. It has a wide range of electrical, mechanical and thermal properties.

Graphene coating

Graphene coating is long-lasting. It causes fewer water spots. It is easy to prepare your vehicle for graphene coating and its application.

Before applying Graphene to your car, the question is how to apply it. Everyone knows about the types of ceramic coatings. The latest is called “Allotrope.”

Steps to apply a graphene ceramic coating

The major steps of applying for superior protection from paint damage to interior protection. The steps revolve around cleaning, correction and protection. When you drive, dirt and debris build up on the wheels and car bodies.

Clean clean clean

When your car is off-road, it needs proper rinsing and cleaning. Start rinsing with the rim and tires using the cleaner of your choice. We suggest you use pH-neutral car washes. Remove the build-up of iron particles and brake dust. Auto Boss Vaughan provides best-in-class car detailing services.

Often the use of incorrect tools may damage your paintwork. We suggest avoiding harsh car wash. Manual car washing helps you in cleaning your car’s surface from contaminants. Auto Boss Vaughan offers car wash with zero damage.

At Auto Boss Vaughan, we suggest professional foam Cannon wash. If you cannot access it, start rinsing your car’s exterior with a pH-neutral spray. Then use a two-bucket methodology with a wash mitt, start from the top, and work your way down in sections.

Experts suggest using a clay bar that helps in decontaminating and further cleaning the exterior. Car cleaning is the first step in preparing your car for graphene ceramic coating.

Paint correction and polishing

You must complete this step. If you want ultimate protection, you must do paint corrections. Polish the car surface nicely. Use the best and your favorite products.

Removing oxidation

Some of the parts or surfaces consisting of metal can oxidize with time. You can treat this problem with metal polish. Use an applicator and a towel to work in circular motions.

Paint preparation

Remove the wax residues or polish, oil, silicone and contamination from the car surface. Use can use paint preparation products. Before applying the ceramic coating, use a simple cleaning spray on the whole surface. A clean surface creates superior bonding between the coat and car paint.

Applying the graphene ceramic coating

  • Plan the work. You must understand what and how to start with/
  • Apply high-quality ceramic coating in small sections, like one body panel at a time. We suggest working in a team. One person can apply the coating while the other wipes it off. The application area must not be above 4’x4.
  • Applicators must glide smoothly on the surface.
  • Follow the directions by dabbing the applicator cloth with ceramic coating.
  • Apply graphene ceramic coating in small areas.
  • Once you complete one section, let it sit for some seconds. The ceramic coating can sit within a minute.
  • Wipe the surface with a microfiber towel.
  • Repeat the steps and complete the ceramic coating on the whole vehicle. Coating the paint, plastic, trim and glass surface in the same pattern. Layering an hour for the minimum time is needed between coats.
  • Let it cure for a minimum of three hours without moving your car.
  • Wash your car after one week of the application.

Curing time of graphene coating

The entire curing time of graphene coating is around five days. We suggest not washing your car or using any cleaning product until it fully cures. It is safe to drive your car carefully but use water in the first 48 hours of the car coating.

Important factors to check before applying the coating

Overall, all environments, especially temperature, play a significant role in “flash time”. Flash time is when the coating is about to wipe off and apply it for the first time. It is strongly recommended that the application temperature be between 65% and 75%. Check the temperature on which the car ceramic coating is before selecting it.

Why choose Auto Boss Vaughan?

Auto Boss Vaughan is the town’s best car detailing and ceramic coating appliers. We care for your car at every step and install the ceramic coating without damaging the paint. Our larger facility can offer the best auto detailing services, not just a car wash but complete care for your car.


Graphene ceramic coating is the best and thinnest coating on your car exterior. It provides protection against UV rays and transmits light over 90%. Being a unique conductor, it cannot pass helium through it.


What are the benefits of Graphene?

Some of the graphene benefits are

  • It is immensely tough and ultralight.
  • It is stronger and more flexible than steel.
  • It is the thinnest material.
  • It is 100% transparent and transmits above 90% of light.
  • It is a unique conductor. Even helium cannot pass through it.

What are the disadvantages of Graphene?

  • High-quality graphene creation is expensive.
  • It is a complicated process. You cannot apply Graphene by yourself at home
  • Graphene is made up of toxic chemicals processed at high temperatures.
  • It has highly toxic qualities.
  • It has reactive quality with an oxidative atmosphere

Is graphene coating application easy?

Slickness and gloss

Besides higher activity levels, the graphene coating doesn’t have harsh orders like UV wheel and paint coating. It is easy to apply.

Can I do graphene ceramic coating at home?

Graphene coating is new in the market for use in cars. It is a next-level ceramic coating. It is also available as a DIY product to be used at home and also available for dealers.

Is graphene coating excellent for your car?

Both Graphene and ceramic coating are durable. It remains for at least one to two years. Car owners apply wax and sealants to protect these coatings.

Can I wash my car after ceramic coating?

We suggest not washing your car for at least seven days. Let the coating cure and dry, then wash it.