car paint correction

Car paint correction costs from $500 to $2500 depending on the level of work your car needs. It’s advisable to get a good paint correction for your car because a cheap one will cost you more in the long run.

How much you spend on car paint correction depends on varying factors which we’ll highlight in this article.

This article will also serve as a price model or guide for car paint correction. There are lots of other useful information in this article you’ll discover as you continue to read. Enjoy!

How Much Does Car Paint Correction Cost?

Car paint correction can cost you between $500 to $2500 and may even get up to $6000 depending on some determinants. The prices you see above reflect the possible cost you’ll spend on paint correction in a car detailer’s workshop.

However, it’s still good to have a set budget to achieve car paint correction. If not, you’ll end up spending way more than you expect.

Useful Tips Before Going for Car Paint Correction

Before car paint correction, try to prepare your car by observing proper hygiene, especially the interior. Declutter your car by ridding it of unnecessary items. It’ll make you appreciate the car after the whole process.

You don’t want your car’s interior looking unkempt with a fantastic exterior appeal. It doesn’t make sense.

Also, try to get value for your money. Ensure you’re satisfied with the paint correction before you complete the payment. After that, it’s your responsibility to make sure everything is as you want it.

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Paint Correction

The car paint correction process involves levelling imperfections or mistakes on a vehicle’s outer body and restoring it to a better than new finish.

Car paint correction services in Vaughan tend to charge different figures for paint correction. If you’re new to the auto detailing scene, the varying prices may seem random. But they’re not.

How much you spend on car paint correction is a function of the interplay of the following factors:

Vehicle Type and Size

Car paint correction for expensive car models comes with a heavier price tag. Although exotic cars rarely need it. But car paint correction for exotic cars costs way more. For instance, you’ll spend more on paint correction for a Lamborghini Urus than an Audi sedan.

Most exotic car owners take their cars directly to the manufacturers for their paint correction. At the same time, others may not care about where they do the job. But they’ll want to get the best materials to fit the status of the vehicle. So, they end up paying more to achieve the best result.

Asides from the vehicle type, the size also matters. Bigger car sizes consume more resources than smaller-sized ones, which directly affects the cost of car paint correction.

For instance, a professional car detailer will spend more time and materials on a mini cooper than an SUV or a truck.



Labour charges have a significant impact on the cost of car paint correction. Depending on the car owner’s taste and desire, there may be a need for more effort or work. Extra work hours will equal more expenses.

Car detailing experts charge differently for paint correction in Vaughan. Some may have a fixed price for some processes, while others may decide to charge hourly. Whatever the situation may be, the extent of work to be done affects the cost of labour.

The internet has made access to information easy for everyone. If you’re DIY inclined, you can search for DIY methods on car paint correction to save money. It’ll help you boycott labour fees which will significantly reduce the cost of car paint correction.

Special Effects

It’s not a bad idea to want some special effects on your car. However, if you’re a car owner that’s into aesthetics and enjoys special paint effects on your vehicle, you’ll have to pay for it. Special effects will increase the cost of car paint correction.

For instance, someone with a black car may want to have a flaming decal effect on the vehicle. The extra effort the car detailer will put in to achieve it will cost you more.

Layers and Colors

When going for paint correction for your car, it’s essential to select the colour you want carefully. Some colours cost more than others, and it generally affects car paint correction pricing. Choose the colours ahead and plan for them.

Red is the most expensive colour, tacking on $338 to the price of a vehicle. Black is worth $221, and blue is about $237. In contrast, grey remains the cheapest of them all.

Also, applying these colours requires different layers to achieve the desired result. Some colours may need multiple layers before they come out fine, while others may not need that much.


Generally, location affects everything, and the cost of car paint correction isn’t left out. The area you reside in plays a significant role in the price of paint correction for cars.

For example, it’s natural to pay more for car paint correction in places like Sunnybrook than in Halifax or Edmonton.

Mind you, the quality of the paint correction job done may not be different. The quality of the results of your car paint correction may be the same in the areas above.

But the standard of living isn’t the same. Since your professional car detailing service will have to include overhead costs in their pricing, you may end up paying more.

Quality of Materials

Attention to detail is important if you want to get the right paint correction job for your vehicle. Some car detailers may cut costs by getting cheaper materials to make the project more affordable for you. However, an inferior paint correction job will cost you more in the long run.

It’s always advisable to use standard and quality materials to avoid problems in the future. For instance, try to ensure the paint in use has the best quality. It may cost you more, but it’ll pay off in the long run.


Budgeting guides your spending, and it affects how much you’ll spend on car paint correction. It’ll make you bid or negotiate smarter with the car detailer. When you have a budget for correcting your car paint, you’ll naturally find ways to save money.

As long as you’re not cutting costs by using inferior materials, it’s always best to have a budget as a guide. It reduces unnecessary expenses, thereby bringing down the cost of car paint correction.


It largely depends on your agreement with your insurers. Most insurance policies cover car paint replacement in their comprehensive auto plans. But, if the total cost of correcting your car paint is more than the deductible, then there may be no need to file a claim.

So if the insurance plan covers your paint correction, it’ll reduce the car paint correction costs you have to bear out of pocket. Otherwise, you’ll have to bear all the costs directly.

Is the Cost of Paint Correction Worth it?

The cost of car paint correction is worth it because of the satisfaction it provides. The only time you’ll regret getting a paint correction for your car is poor service. Otherwise, it’s always worth it in the end.

Here’s why we think the cost of car paint correction for your car is well worth it:


Enhancing the appearance of your vehicle is the primary reason for car paint correction. After the paint correction process, your vehicle will come out looking brand new.

The joy of a successful paint correction is enough to make you forget the amount of money you’ve spent. This reason is enough to make the cost of car paint correction worth it.

Paint correction restores the clear coat. It makes your car look way better, plus the paint will look brighter, newer and more vibrant.

Restores Exterior Vinyl and Accents

Car paint correction rejuvenates the exterior accents and the parts made of vinyl in your car. The tires and rubber accents that make up your vehicle’s body come back to life after the process.

Unless the areas made of vinyl are visibly weak or bad, you don’t need to change them for a while. It’s one of the upsides of car paint correction.

Car Value

After car paint correction, your car will look years younger, thereby increasing its value. Then, when it’s time for you to sell it, you won’t have problems getting a good deal because of how neat and new it looks.

People are moved by what they see, and they’ll appreciate an attractive vehicle. It’s another good reason to get that paint correction done already.

Eliminates Swirls and Scratches

eliminates swirls and scratches

Seeing swirls and scratches on your car isn’t a very appealing sight. Paint correction rids your vehicle of all scratches and swirls plus you won’t need to bother about these problems for a long while. It’s one of the reasons the cost of car paint correction is worth it.

Methods for Car Paint Correction

Car detailers and body shops follow a stepwise correction process to give your car the best paint correction jobs. The best method for your car depends on the extent of correction that needs to happen:

Clay Bar Single-Step

It usually takes four hours, but it may be less or more for other body shops or detailers. At this stage, the professional will wash the car thoroughly.

They’ll remove residue with a clay bar single-step process using a paint sealant, polish, and a finishing pad. The preparation step is for vehicles that are already in good condition but have minor defects.

Abrasive Polish

This step is best for cars with minor swirl marks and scratches. It’s like using the first step two times, which makes it last for eight hours or more. Just that this time, the expert will need to apply two polish and pad combinations.

First, the professionals will apply abrasive polish to remove defects. After which, they’ll spread the finishing polish, then use a pad to refine it. Finally, they’ll add a paint sealant for protection.

Wet Sanding

Step three is for vehicles with serious swirl marks and scratches. The extent of damage can make this process last for 12 hours or more. At this step, the paint has to be very close to the original so that it’ll cover up the scratches and swirl marks competently.

The detailer will first apply a heavy cutting substance and pad to remove the heavy scratches and swirl marks. Afterwards, they’ll use wet sanding to remove the top layer of the clear coat and deformity. Then, the detailer will seal it for waxing to commence.

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Final Thoughts

Car paint correction is something every car owner must do at least once before changing or selling off their cars. But, as you already know, everything comes at a cost, and it’s okay to be cost-effective, especially when repainting your vehicle.

You can do it yourself by applying DIY methods. But if you lack the necessary skills and expertise, it’s best to seek the services of a professional by going to a body shop. It’ll limit mistakes and save you time and stress.

That’s why Auto Boss Vaughan is here. We are home to passionate experts that’ll give you the best paint correction service.

Reach out to us today. Let’s get your vehicle looking brand new once again!