ppf car wrap

Protection film for cars is a clear wrap that is also available in a matte finish. PPF car wrap provides a frozen paint look to your vehicle, along with protection from general wear and tear or stone chips. 

For people who like a subtle look to their car, PPF wrap is a good option for those who want car protection without much change in paint appearance. Just like other PPFs for cars, matte PPF is highly durable and damage-resistant. It’s easy to maintain and clean like any other PPF coating. For complete knowledge about matte PPF car wrap benefits and disadvantages, read our article on pros and cons of matte vinyl wrap.

If you want to install matte PPF, get it installed through professional and experienced installers. Professional installers will ensure the proper application of the film. A proper installation ensures a long life of the film, making it more invisible while providing maximum paint protection. 

Reasons to choose matte PPF car wrap 

The following are some reasons that make matte PPF car wraps are a good choice:


Matte car wrap gives a sober and luxury appearance to your car. Its unique appearance keeps your car standing out in the crowd. You can make your car appearance high-end, even when you apply matte wrap to cheaper or old model cars.

Design options

Matte car wrap has various design options. Most car owners prefer solid matte black or red color. However, you can have customized designs for business advertisements or logos.

Hides imperfections 

The swirl or micro scratch pattern seen on glossy paintwork does not appear on a matte car wrap. Matte finishes hide imperfections like scratches or swirl marks because it doesn’t reflect sunlight like a glossy wrap, making the flaws less noticeable. 



A high-quality matte car wrap is easier to clean than glossy ones because it does not reflect light. It doesn’t attract dust, which keeps it cleaner. Although matte PPF wrap keeps hiding minor swirls or scratches, pressure washing can also damage it. However, it is suggested to use the two-bucket method for removing the minor scratches. Suppose you don’t have enough time to wash your car by hand. In that case, you can hire professional detailing services from Auto Boss to clean the vehicle’s interior and exterior. Professional detailers can take care of any nook or corner of your car without creating damage to it.

Keeping the need for waxing at zero level 

Like other traditional methods, matte car wrap doesn’t need polish. Even polishing, using a clay bar or compound, can damage matte paint. You don’t need any specific shampoo or chemical containing wax to keep your car paint appearance fresh or clean look.

Life span 

The life span of matte PPF car wrap depends on different factors, including its exposure to UV rays, rain, snow, or hail, along with the installation. If the matte PPF car wrap is not installed professionally, it will start peeling and absorbing dust through the wrap. 

The resale value of your vehicle 

Matte PPF car wrap not only saves your car from chips, scratches, and other road factors but also increases the resale value of your vehicle. Matte PPF wrap can be removed easily without creating damage to your car paint. As PPF provides complete protection to your car, it keeps your car factory paint in its original form. When you remove PPF, it gives your car paint a new look.

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What happens when matte PPF gets damaged
What happens when matte PPF gets damaged

If matte PPF gets damaged, it loses its protective capability and may require replacement or repair. The steps for replacing or repairing damaged matte PPF depend on how much damage there is and which product is used. For example, minor buffing with a soft mitt and neutral polishing compound. Regular polishing restores the looks of your car and films protective properties. 

However, the surface damage is extensive, like punctures, deep scratches, or chips. In that case, it is not possible to repair it. In such a case, the damaged portion of the PPF wrap requires removal and replacement with a new one. An experienced and trained expert ensures films are correctly applied and provides maximum protection level.

We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest inspecting your matte PPF for damages and replacing it as soon as required. It will help to maintain protective capabilities, ensuring the wrap appearance looks like the best.


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Is it necessary to install Matte PPF partially or entirely?

Partial or complete Installation of matte PPF to your car depends solely on your choice. Some car owners want maximum protection for their cars; however, others apply car wrap on specific areas like mirrors, front bumper, or hood. These parts are more vulnerable to the damage. If you want maximum protection against environmental hazards, we suggest you apply the film to the entire vehicle; however, you can apply the PPF car wrap to the areas that are exposed to environmental factors or road damage. Applying protection film for cars in specific areas may also be sufficient. 

How much does it cost to install matte PPF?

Matte PPF cost depends on various factors like vehicle size, PPF wrap quality, installation cost, etc. Generally, the matte PPF cost is higher than the traditional PPF prices. Although it is not an exact percentage, normally, you have to pay 25% or more for matte PPF. 

One of the important factors influencing the cost of matte PPF is vehicle size. Larger SUVs and trucks require a larger quantity of the wrap and more labor to install that increases the cost of the PPF. However, some vehicles have complex curves or contours that make it difficult to install.

The specific product used also impacts matte PPF cost. High-quality matte PPF are durable and damage-resistant, offering warranties that are also more expensive than low-quality options. Additionally, some wraps can add more features like self-healing or warranty that also increases the price.

The best way to determine matte PPF cost for your vehicle is to consult an experienced and trained professional like Auto Boss Vaughan. A professional installer assesses the quantity of your wrap and provides you with a customized quote.  


Contrary to traditional PPF with a glossy appearance, matte PPF for cars gives a non-reflective, flat look. However, the durability and protection level of this wrap is no less than any other wrap.


Is it hard to maintain matte car wrap?

No! But if you don’t know about the right products or methods, the matte wrap starts turning glossy. We suggest not using traditional waxes, car washing solutions, or polishes while washing your car. 

Does matte car wrap get dirty easily? 

Regular washing is the only key to maintaining any car wrap. However, no car wrap, including matte ones, doesn’t attract dirt or debris.

Is it smart to get your car wrapped in matte color?

Yes! Getting your vehicle wrapped increases the car paint lifespan and the resale value and prevents damage to the car paint.