commercial window tinting

The window is a significant part of modern business buildings. Leaving them without anything can cause windows to crack, but don’t stop the sun rays from entering your space. Covering the windows in a particular way can protect your office interior and window glass.

Do you want to install window tinting film? Ensure getting the best tinting films. Here I will guide you on how to choose. The global window tinting film is growing, and it will grow up to 5.1% by 2028. Its energy-saving property makes it one of the most popular décor products.

Commercial window tinting can save your bills by making your office environment warm in winter and cool in summer as it absorbs and reflects sunlight. They also increase the value of your commercial building. But it would help if you chose high-quality window tinting films to enjoy their benefits.

Do you need clarification when deciding the right window tinting percentage for your office? The blog will guide you on this subject.

Know the available tinting option

Every tinting film is not suitable for office windows. Select the right tinting brand to protect the possible mistakes.

Consult the people around you who already have window tinting and research it online.

Having enough background information before selecting window tints. There are a lot of commercial window tinting film types you may have:

Solar window tinting films: One of the majors of solar tinting films is reflecting sunlight, heat and glare. They are excellent in blocking harmful UV rays from entering the office. It is one of the best tinting’s to enhance productivity and workplace comfort. Some of the solar window tinting films include neutral, low-E and reflective.

Decorative tinting film: it is another type of commercial tint. It is a tinting film that improves the external appearance that attracts customers. These tinting films come in many styles and patterns. It is the best option to enhance your office privacy. These window tinting films are patterns, textured frosts, gradient film, textiles and gradients.

Safety or security films: These films prevent theft and accidental damage. These commercial tinting films could be more sturdier. Adding these tinting films can give you peace of mind. Security and safety films include anti-graffiti films, security films and solar safety.

Consider maintenance needs

Nobody wants their window tints difficult to maintain. Auto Boss Vaughan experts suggest selecting easy-to-maintain tinting films. When you choose these tinting films, you don’t need to hire professional window cleaning surfaces. Consult Auto Boss for information about the cleaning supplies required for window tinting. 

Learn the maintenance process and the chemicals or cleaners that can create possible damage to your window tints.


Thinking about energy-efficiency window tints can save your electricity bills from $126 to $465 annually. Applying window tints is the best way to make your windows energy-efficient.

Clear and untreated window films can spike up your electricity because of the poor insulation. Commercial tinting films will improve the insulation properties of your window and prevent heat gain in your office.

Less heat gain means less HVAC system working, saving electricity bills. Besides solar heat deflection, window tinting films retain heat that helps in winter.


Tinted windows provide two-way protection. When you Talk about health protection, the window tinting film protects your office from harmful UV rays. Blocking UV rays offers security in terms. 

  1. Skin protection: Consistent exposure to sun rays can cause damage to your skin that can be skin tanning, sunburns, wrinkles or premature aging 
  2. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can even cause skin cancer.
  3. Eyes protection: Direct sun rays can create glare; however, commercial window tints will save your eyes from cataracts or other eye problems that may impair vision.
  4. Window tinting films protect your office from potential thieves as they cannot see through your windows.

Consult the experts

As the need for commercial window tinting increases, fake tinting films are also available in the market. Consult window tinting experts like Auto Boss Vaughan to help you choose the right window tinting.

  • A professional tinting expert will guide you about the best option to suit your requirements. 
  • They will also suggest cost-saving possibilities.

The point to be noted here is every tinting company needs to be able to guide you properly. So, what to do now? You have to select the tinting company that provides a better solution. Before choosing the right window tinting, experts check these important factors.

Licensing: In Vaughan and other areas of Canada, are proof of professionalism, credibility and reputation.

Experience: Check the company’s experience in the window tinting film industry. A company with decades of experience is competent and provides excellent services, either installation or opinion.


Auto Boss Vaughan is a reputable and exceptional window tinting expert. They will not only help you in selecting the best tinting films but also install them.

Price: Select low-cost but high-quality tinting films

Window tinting films come in different processes. You want to spend your money wisely. Know the prices of other tinting films and compare them with various sellers. Contact different sellers for estimation.

Focus on both the prices of window tinting and their installation cost. Research and cost estimation help you create a proper budget and save your hard-earned money.

Too cheap window tints can be fake and will not serve for long. We suggest you compare the prices and the quality of these tints.

Choose the best tint

You deserve the best window tint to enhance your property in appeal, safety and value. 

However, selecting the best suiting tint can be challenging. Here I tried to guide you on how to make the perfect choice.

How to make the right decision?

Are you searching for the perfect window tints at the best prices? Remember to estimate the installation cost along with the tint cost. Auto boss Vaughan is not only an installation expert. They are tinting experts. They will guide you about the best choices.


Choosing the best commercial window tinting is a complex task; it requires keen research, your aim (either UV blocking or decoration), prices, quality and best installation prices.


Which window tinting is best?

Ceramic window tinting is the best tinting film. The films utilize small particles of ceramic to block out a lot of heat, annoying sun glare and harmful UV rays.

How to select the best window tinting?

  • Evaluate the window tinting.
  • Compare performance characteristics of different films.
  • Determine aesthetics.
  • Request In-house estimation.
  • Select the best window tinting film
  • Select the best tinting professional

Which window tinting percentage is best?

One of the common tinting percentages is 30%. It is the best tinting percentage that maintains a balance between privacy and having too dark windows. Any shades above 50% are considered as clear.

Which window tint grade is the best?

A window tint of 50% is considered effective in keeping out heat and UV rays. It blocks half of the sunlight and reduces eye strain and glare.