The Ceramic/Nano coating was invented in the early 2000s. It was one of the critical innovations in the history of car detailing. After decades of research in traditional waxing products, detailers now have a choice for applying a protection layer over a clear coat of paint. Nano coating is compelling.

Compared to traditional waxing, supreme gloss coatings provide long-lasting protection against chemical impacts, water spots, and soiling. Professionally applied nano coatings come with many layers or lifetime warranties. Besides traditional carnauba-based waxes that last for weeks to two months, ceramic coatings are durable, having hydrophobic properties. 

Why does nano-coating work well? How can it last longer? What you can do is nano-coating when applied for the first time. 

The truth about ceramic coating

Here! I will tell you about some of the myths about coating. It is not bulletproof; neither is it a magic force field around the vehicle. They can be scratched, and they require maintenance and proper care. So, it is essential to learn to properly wash your nano-coated car from the start.

Essentially, nano-coating is long-lasting but not impenetrable. It is a sacrificial layer on the top of the car’s clear coat. It creates a chemical bonding with the car’s surface that helps keep it in place through chemical exposure and rough weather, like a car wash. The role of nano-coating is to ensure the protection of your car paint. After discussion, one should understand that ceramic coating will suffer from damage and may last for longer.

Car wash

It is common for people to think that after applying a coating, your car doesn’t need washing. However, it is not true; a coated vehicle repels water and sheds dirt and debris easily as compared to non coated one. An uncoated car will get dirt easily. Dirt absorbs in the topmost layer of your uncoated vehicle, which is difficult to remove. It requires more washing than a coated car needs.

Washing your coated car is different from a non-coated or waxed vehicle. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest non-automatic car wash; however, gentle hand wash helps you maintain your vehicle in the newest condition.

For example, using a low-consistency pH car washing solution keeps it maintained.

How to wash my car after nano-coating?

Although washing the car is simple, the answer to this question is complex. However, here are some essential things you must know before washing your ceramic-coated vehicle in the long term or short term.

There are several  methods to wash your vehicle after getting the coating on it. The washing method is significant in maintaining the car’s appearance and coating. A common myth in the general public regarding layers is that a coated car is maintenance-free. However, it is not so. The layer also requires cleaning regularly. If you want your car coating to remain for long, maintain it properly. Although coating makes it easy to clean the car, it does not mean you neglect it.

Products to clean coating 

 C2 Gtechniq Liquid Glass Ceramic Maintenance Spray

 You can use this maintenance spray weekly or monthly. It is a mild, low-pH chemical that helps in cleaning without causing damage to your vehicle.

 W6 Gtechniq Iron Fallout Remover

 It is a solution with a neutral caliper and pH-neutral wheel that is safe for coating.

W3 Gtechniq Ceramic Gwash

It is pH Neutral si02 shampoo. We at Auto Boss Vaughan suggest using it when you adopt the double-bucket cleaning method. It is safe to use. If you let the dirt dry on the coating, it can block hydrophobic properties. Use this shampoo and rinse appropriately before washing it.

 W4 Gtechniq Citrus Foam

 It is a snow foam with pH-neutral pre-wash citrus properties. We recommend using snow foam with W4 on the vehicle weekly to stop caking the coating in the dirt. It would be best if you used W4 before washing. You can keep this pH-neutral snow foam in your product arsenal.

Snow Foam Gun

 You can find this snow foam gun that is suitable for pressure washers. You can buy it from the nearest market.

Gtechniq Wash Mitt or Gtechniq MF1 Microfibre Towels

Dirt particles can clog the wash mitts. We suggest you use a brand-new MF1 microfiber towel.

Gtechniq MF2

You must use MF2 with an air compressor or garden blower for the best results while drying your vehicle. You avoid washing or drying the car in direct sunlight as water can leave minerals over the car’s surface. 

The first car wash after nano-coating 

The first car wash after nano-coating is essential. Most ordinary people don’t realize it is also a significant thing. 

The best rule of car washing after applying the nano-coating is to avoid washing it for at least seven days. Products like nano-coating start hardening and curing right after the application. It takes a few days to complete the chemical reaction between the coating nanoparticles and your car’s surface. You have to provide significant time for this coating to cure completely. It may affect the curing process if you start washing your car after applying the layer. 

Drivers prefer to avoid washing their vehicles for a long time, but it will pay you later. If you wash or clean the coating without a proper cure, it will shorten the effectiveness and life of the layer. Be patient for a few days. The results will be excellent.

Tips to clean your coated car

Here! I will give you some tips that you can use to clean your car and maintain your coating for a long time. Many complain that the layer is not working properly or as they expected it to work. Let’s look at these washing tips to maintain your coating.

Keep the car surface clean of dirt

Do you think that when you have car coating on your vehicle, it doesn’t need cleaning or maintenance? You must wash your car after a week or at least once a week. Typically most people only have time to clean their car a few times a week. You must take your car for washing after every two weeks.

Use Safe Wash Methods

If you have applied coating on your car, the chances are that it has gone under through paint correction. When you try washing or drying it, there are chances to get minor scratches or swirls on the surface. So, it would be best if you avoided early washing and power washing. We suggest you don’t use a power washer if you have paid for coating or paint correction. You can do various things to minimize the risk of damaging car paint while cleaning it.

  • You must adopt two bucket washing method
  • Use snow foam before getting in contact with your car paint.
  • Use a supreme quality Microfiber towel or Mitt.
  • Use grit guards to pick up and store the dirt from your car.
  • Use a soft cloth, detailing towel, and blower to dry your car.
  • Use automated car wash if they are using pH-neutral products and are touchless.

Use specific shampoo

Use shampoos designed specifically for coating but in the minimum quantity. Harsh chemicals or solutions can shorten the coating’s life drastically. The products designed for cleaning the car coat are pH neutral and clean your car without causing damage. We recommend Si02-infused shampoo for coated vehicles as it will prolong the life of car coating. Si02 acts as the “topmost” layer on the coating. 

Use Si02 infused Sprays

Many “Si02” infused ceramic sprays are available in the market. It can prolong the life of your coating and act as a top layer to the existing protection layer. They have excellent water-repelling properties in the coating.


Having ceramic coating on you provides excellent results as this layer’s hydrophobic properties will not let the water stay on the surface. However, it also needs cleaning and maintenance. Auto Boss Vaughan experts provide excellent cleaning and detailing services at your doorstep.


How long does it take to wash your vehicle after ceramic coating?

The coating needs at least seven days to cure. So, we recommend not washing your car after you apply the layer on it.

Can you wash the coated vehicle?

Yes! You can wash coated vehicles by using the two-bucket method.

Can I wash the coated car normally?

No! It would be best if you had specific care to wash your coated car.