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In the rapidly changing world of automotive care, certain products have revolutionized automotive care procedures to a whole new level. One such revolutionary product is car coating spray. Ceramic coating sprays are a new term for many, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. 

Read this guide till the end to know more about car coating sprays. 

Today, we will explore car coating sprays, their types, their benefits, and much more. So stay tuned. 

What is a Car Coating Spray?

Car coating sprays are also known as ceramic coating spray and nano spray for cars. These sprays are spray versions of traditional ceramic coating. It is the same as a liquid ceramic coating. The nanospray for cars is composed of SiO2 or TiO2. They have all the protective qualities that a ceramic coating has. These sprays enhance the durability of the car’s paint. It also protects against harmful environmental factors. However, their life is a lot shorter. The nano sprays hardly stay for one year. 


  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Provides unparalleled protection


  • Less durable

Types of Ceramic Coating Sprays

SiO2 or Quartz Ceramic Coating Sprays

It is the most popular and common type of nanospray for cars. The best thing about these is that they repel water and are quite durable. Unlike traditional coatings, spray-on ceramic coatings are easier to use.

Moreover, it doesn’t take long to apply or dry. Looking for an effective and cheaper protective shield against daily driving challenges? This is it. 

TiO2 Ceramic Coating Sprays
TiO2 Ceramic Coating Sprays

TiO2 is added to ceramic materials to give it hydrophobicity and self-cleaning properties. They are the same as quartz coatings. The only difference is a high level of protection. It protects the car’s paint from sun damage and oxidation. Plus, the self-cleaning properties keep the car clean and shiny 24/7. 

Graphene Ceramic Coating

It is an advanced type of ceramic coating. These coatings are composed of carbon allotropes. Their composition makes them tough and flexible. It adds a layer over the car’s paint, protecting it from scratches. Also, they are highly durable.

PTFE-based Sprays:

PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. They are most commonly known as Teflon sprays. They are not very strong. Therefore, they are the least protective against damages. However, they are good but for a limited time. It makes the surface non-sticky and heat-protective.  

Benefits of Car Coating Spray

Nowadays, car coating sprays have become a necessity. Like other auto enhancement services, ceramic coating, and PPF, nano sprays for cars offer incredible benefits. Here is a list of what you can enjoy with these coating sprays.

Ultimate Protection

These sprays offer extended protection for a long time. Unlike paint sealant and paint wax, which only make the car’s surface shiny. Its water-repelling properties keep the car clean all the time. Moreover, its robust composition prevents oxidation. It also protects against damaging UV rays. 

Enhanced Gloss and Shine

These sprays have a glossy finish. When it is applied to a vehicle, it enhances its sleek design. Its shine-reflecting property makes the paint look more vibrant and car-polished. 

UV Resistance

It protects the car against harmful UV rays. The damaging sun rays steal the shine from the car’s paint. So, with ceramic coating, it will neither fade nor get oxidized. 

Resistance to Chemical Reactions

Many natural elements have adverse effects on the car’s paint. Chemicals from tree saps, bird droppings, etc., destroy the car paint. So, when you have a protective layer over the car’s paint, these chemicals will be ineffective. The ceramic coating reduces the risk of harsh damage. 

Ease of Maintenance

As we mentioned earlier, these coatings are hydrophobic. This is why cleaning ceramic coating cars is a lot easier. Firstly, it does not let the dirt and road grime stick to the car’s surface, making it look dirty. This reduces long hours of car surface cleaning. Your car will look showroom-new with just a few swipes.

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How to Apply Ceramic Coating Spray?
How to Apply Ceramic Coating Spray?

  • Clean the car properly to get rid of all the dirt, grime, and stains. It is important because contaminants on the car’s surface will pop up more after spray application. You won’t get the desired results. To achieve a flawless look, clean the car before starting this process. 
  • Have a look at your car’s paint. Does it look dull? If yes, apply car polish before applying ceramic coating spray. 
  • Once you are done polishing your car, move on to the next step. Get a ceramic coating spray and two microfiber towels. 
  • Dry your car and patch-test the product on your car. Spray a little and spread it with a microfiber towel.
  • You can directly spray it on your car or put it on a towel. Don’t add too much because a little will go a long way.
  • Carefully apply the product and cover the entire panel. 
  • Wipe it with a clean towel. 
  • Once you are done, let it dry completely.


Nanosprays for cars are an innovative product that has revolutionized automotive care services. With the protective and resistance qualities of ceramic coatings, these sprays are super easy to apply. Unlike traditional day-long ceramic coating service, nano spray for cars takes only a few hours. Depending on your convenience and ease, you can choose a spray that suits your needs. 


Do ceramic coating sprays work?

Yes, they work just like traditional ceramic coating layers. However, their durability is very low. But in terms of protection, they do a superb job. 

How long does spray ceramic coating last?

The ceramic sprays do not last five to six years like traditional ceramic coatings. However, they offer the ultimate protection for a good twelve months. Also, they are affordable and easy to apply. So, if you are low on budget, these sprays are a good choice.

Is ceramic spray better than wax?

Yes, the coating spray is much better than wax. It enhances the aesthetic look of the car and protects against damage. However, car wax only adds shine to the car’s paint.