ceramic tint

The window tint market is worth more than $10.3 billion. Dark-colored windows are becoming popular nowadays. Ceramic tint is one of the best and newest technologies. Window tints come in different materials and grades. Although window tints enhance the car’s appearance, ceramic tint is a material that is of higher quality.

Choosing the best tint improves the beauty of your vehicle, home, or business but there are some legal limitations for window tinting percentages. Here! We will discuss in detail the benefits of ceramic window tint so that it will be easier for you to decide whether or not this tint is worth it.

Major types of window tints

Here, we will discuss the types of window tinting according to the benefits they offer. 

  • In the 1960s, a spray was used to add tint to your window, but these window tints are not very effective in rejecting heat or protecting against sunshine.
  • Dye-based films were introduced later on, but they tend to bubble or discolor when continuously exposed to sunlight.
  • In the 1990s, metallic films were introduced that withstand heat but interfere with radio or cell phone signals.
  • Ceramic window tinting film is the latest technology with the highest level of visible light and minimized heat gain.

What is ceramic tint?

Ceramic window tint consists of many layers that block harmful sun’s UV rays. These tints block UV rays due to nanotechnology. The microscopic ceramic particles in the film can block 99.9% of harmful rays.

Benefits of ceramic tint

As compared to other window tinting films, ceramic tint has some benefits that make it superior. Some of the benefits of this tinting film are

Aesthetic appeal

The windows, whether they are vehicle, home, or commercial, are the first thing to be noticed. If you are concerned about the positive first impression of your investment, you need window tints.

The ceramic tint gives a glossy shine to your window. It is one of the most attractive tinting types that improve your car’s appearance and resale value.


Sunlight consists of infrared, UV rays, and visible light rays. Although UV rays are a small portion of sunlight, they can cause severe health issues such as skin cancer, premature aging, cataracts, vision issues, and immune system suppression.

Window tinting is an inexpensive way to prevent these health issues. Choosing the right window tint ensures the highest protection level.

Ceramic tint can block 99.9% of UV rays and 50% of infrared rays without affecting visibility. Skin Cancer Foundation also considers window tinting as a preventive measure to avoid deadly diseases.

Heat resistance 

The average fuel price can increase depending on the region you are living in and your needs to keep your car cool or warm.

Ceramic tint reduces fuel costs by keeping the heat inside the vehicle during cold and blocking heat gain by keeping it out during hot weather. Heat resistance reduces the need for a cooling or heating system while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

No interruption in signals 

Metallic window tinting films are good, but their serious disadvantage is blocking electronic signals such as Bluetooth, Wifi, or radio. This phenomenon can be a more serious issue for people who use GPS during driving.

Ceramic nanoparticles are neither metallic nor conducive. These tinting films reflect higher levels of light without interrupting electronic signals.


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Safety and privacy

Safety and privacy

Ceramic tint makes your windows dark and difficult to see inside. If you don’t have window tints, it means you are more prone to car theft. Ceramic window tints make it difficult to see inside from outside and protect the window glass from shattering in case it is broken. Hence, this is the best tint to improve your privacy and security.

Remember! every region and province has its separate laws of tinting percentages. A window tint percentage that is dark enough to provide privacy and security can lead to fines. So, it is better to contact a professional window tinting company that has updated knowledge about the regional laws regarding tinting.


All types of ceramic tint are damage-resistant and durable that last for years without getting damaged or losing protective abilities. The durability of the window tint makes it a money-saving option in the long run.

Disadvantages of ceramic window tint 

The only disadvantage of this product is the ceramic tint cost. It is an in-demand, high-quality protective option that is more expensive than any other window tint. 

Finding ceramic near me

Although window tints can transform your car’s appearance and provide better protection to the interior and the passengers, however, you can only enjoy this benefit if it is installed properly. Select is a window tinting provider that provides and gets it installed on a suitable budget. 

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Ceramic window tinting film is an advanced technology in window tinting. It is made up of non-conductive, non-metallic nanoparticles. It not only enhances the appearance of your vehicle but protects against UV rays, infrared rays, heat rejection, possible theft, and wounds caused by glass shattering in case of hail or wind storms. Although it is a bit costly, it is worth it in the long run, especially when compared to the benefits.

Auto Boss experts provide you with specialized installation services. The perfect installation provides you with window tint without bubbles and fading, which can save it from frequent replacement.


Does ceramic window tint look darker than other tints?

Yes! Ceramic window tint is not more daring than others. This type of tint remains darker for a long time because of the elements used in ceramic tint.

Does ceramic window tint block heat?

Ceramic window tint blocks UV and infrared lights and minimizes heat gain by up to 85%. It is a non-reflective, thin film that is not affected by UV rays and doesn’t interfere with radio or cell phone signals.

Does ceramic window tint scratch away easily?

Ceramic tint is quite difficult to scratch and block sunlight for longer than others.

Can ceramic window tint make your car appearance shiny?

Ceramic window tint creates a glossy aesthetic. It maintains the car’s look for years and helps in increasing its resale value.