Car Detailing in Winter

Hey there, we understand there’s a question on your mind, “do I need car detailing in winter?” The answer you’re looking for is, YES, you need car detailing in winter for several reasons. We are going to explain why you need car detailing in winter later on in the article.

Here in Vaughan, the cold grips of winter are already tightening. At this period, going out becomes a bit difficult because of snow, ice, and cold. Roads get blocked, and it’s hard to walk around in the cold, so you need your vehicle. 

As you drive around in your car, you have protection from the cold. But, what protects your vehicle from the harsh weather?

Most people make the mistake of thinking that the cold weather doesn’t affect their vehicle. The cold has many effects on your car, even to extents you are yet to imagine. The cold weather is not friendly to many things, and your vehicle is one of them. 

We will soon get to the reasons why you need car detailing during the holiday season. However, before we go into those reasons, let’s see what car detailing entails. This is a little digression for the sake of people who don’t know much about car detailing yet.

What is Car Detailing?

Car detailing means cleaning your car thoroughly using special equipment and products. It doesn’t end there. Detailing also includes additional touch-ups on the vehicle to maintain its look for a long time. This is usually light cosmetic touch-ups, but it doesn’t include body repairs or repainting.

Your car’s interior is not left out. It is also subject to cleaning during car detailing. Car detailing helps to restore the aesthetics of your vehicle and maintain it for a while. It involves getting rid of scratches and polishing your car to make it look newer and beautiful.

What are the differences between car detailing and car washing?

Here are the striking differences:

  • Car detailing provides a superior level of cleansing for your vehicle that ordinary washing can’t. Detailers use special tools and products to do a top-to-bottom cleaning of your car during car detailing. Car washing is only done via a machine or by hand to clean the car’s surface quickly.
  • Car detailing is restorative, while car washing is superficial. Car detailing aims to restore your vehicle’s looks. On the other hand, car washing doesn’t go beyond the surface and only aims to get rid of dirt.
  • Lastly, car detailing is more expensive, takes more time and gives better results. In comparison, car washing takes a maximum of 20 to 30 minutes and only covers about 50% of the car.

Why Do I Need Car Detailing in Winter? 

You’re probably yet to realize how dangerous the cold weather can be for your car. If you want your car to come out of winter in top condition, you need car detailing in winter. Here’s why:

Corrosive salt problem 

Car Detailing

The roads are salted in winter to provide a stable driving condition for drivers. The purpose of the salt is to prevent snow and ice from building up on the road. The salt melts down the snow into water when the snow comes in contact with it. This makes it easy for drivers to use their vehicles on the road.

However, there’s a problem most people don’t know about. When the salt melts the snow, it creates a dense mixture of ice chips and saltwater that is extremely corrosive to metal. 

This mixture splashes on cars, and the corrosive elements gradually affect the vehicle’s exteriors. With time, the metal on your vehicle will start to rust without proper care.

Cars get scratched a lot

Winter is all about lots of snow and ice falling on your vehicle. This is not good for your car’s paintwork. Furthermore, during the winter season, your vehicle is more vulnerable to getting scratched by ice and other road debris.  

Extreme temperature changes cause the car paint to crack

The extreme temperature changes that occur in winter are terrible for your car paint. The drastic change from extreme cold to warmer temperatures will cause the paint to crack. Also, oxidation will then set in through the cracks. That’s bad news for your vehicle exterior and interior 

All of the above can combine to reduce the integrity and quality of your car’s paint. If you really consider it, car detailing services in Vaughan is your best bet to protect your vehicle from the dangers of winter.


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Benefits of Car Detailing in Winter

Now you know the dangers of winter to your car. Not detailing your vehicle during winter leaves it at the mercy of the harsh weather conditions. 

Even if your car manages to survive the winter, it will come out in bad shape. Here’s why you need car detailing in winter:

Paintwork protection

This is the most apparent reason you need to detail your car in winter. Your car paints benefit the most from car detailing. During winter, your car paint is most susceptible to cracking and chipping. These cracks, chips and scratches leave your car unprotected from oxidation.

But, during car detailing, professionals will apply protective materials to the surface of your vehicle. These protectants will prevent corrosive materials from getting into the paint of your car. As such, it protects your vehicle from rust and preserves its beautiful sheen.

Protects the alloy wheels and tires

Your alloy wheels and tires are pretty durable. But how long before they succumb to the effects of a corrosive mixture of salt, ice, and snow? The alloy wheels are precious parts of your vehicle, and they contribute to the overall look of the car. You don’t want them looking all rusty and unpolished.

Car detailing involves cleaning the vehicle thoroughly. Not just the surface, but also the entire interior, underneath the wheels and every other part of the car that you can clean. This means detailing your car involves polishing the alloy rims, giving them protection against the effects of the weather. 

wheels and tires

Protects the exterior plastics

The plastic exteriors of your vehicle, such as bumpers, trim, vinyl and rubbers, also benefit from winter car detailing services. During the winter months, extreme temperatures usually cause the plastic material to harden, which leads to cracking. 

During car detailing, car care experts will coat your bumpers, trims, vinyl and rubbers with protectants. These protectants will shield your vehicle’s plastic parts from the effects of extreme temperatures. It will also give your bumper and the other plastic parts of the car a good look.

Clean and improve the interiors of your car

During detailing, the professionals will thoroughly vacuum out and scrub the entire upholstery and interior of the cart. 

You don’t have to worry about the type of materials used for the interior of your vehicle. Car detailing professionals know the proper methods for cleaning each type of upholstery material.

Leather materials will undergo preconditioning before the proper cleaning to get deep dirt and stains out. On the other hand, plastic materials do not require as much effort to clean. But car care experts will also polish the interior glass and wooden parts to perfect the interior aesthetics of your car.

Keeps your lights clean and your journeys safe

As we mentioned earlier, car detailing involves cleaning every part of your vehicle, including your lights. You see, during car detailing sessions in winter, the experts will inspect your lights and clean it out if they find dirt in it.

It will be much easier to travel at night or during heavy snowfalls with clean lights. You will be able to see the road better, and other vehicles can also spot you easily.

During winter, gunk that will obstruct your vision can easily build on your windows and windscreen while travelling. If you’ve taken the right steps by detailing your car for winter, the professionals will remove this gunk. This way, you can travel with gunk-free windows and cleaner lights. 

Car Detailing in winter

Preserve your car’s value

Your car loses value with every trip and every mile you travel. That’s a factor you can do little to nothing about. But there’s a factor you can do something about. You can maintain the interior and exterior aesthetics of your vehicle.

A beautifully maintained vehicle will undoubtedly have more value than one whose paint has faded. Even if both cars have the same mileage on them, the better-looking car will have a better value. That’s why you need to keep the appearance of your vehicle as intact as possible.

Detailing your car during winter will ensure that your vehicle retains its original look even with the effects of winter elements. A good looking car will attract many prospects and high value when you decide to sell it. To keep your vehicle looking good, detail it before and during winter.


Will you try to go out into the winter without your coats, gloves and boots to protect your body? No, you most probably won’t. So you should afford your vehicle this same level of protection. 

Car detailing is the protection your car needs in winter. It’s more than just washing your car, and you most probably can’t do it by yourself. Instead, let the professionals handle it for you. 

Here at AutoBoss Vaughan, we can answer any questions you have about car detailing in winter. Contact us today to learn more or book an appointment today.