Car Paint Sealant

The reason you may be wondering about pricing for car paint sealant is simple. Everyone loves a good looking car. Everyone also wants their good-looking car to keep looking good.

A car wash may keep surface dirt away. But it likely will not offer as much protection to your paint job as you will prefer. So, you need an effective and yet affordable option to protect your vehicle’s paint.

This is where car paint sealant is useful. In this article, we will discuss car paint sealant and its pricing options. After reading this, it is up to you to decide if a car paint sealant is worth its price. However, we can tell you for free — the protective benefits of a car paint sealant is well worth the price.

What Is A Car Paint Sealant?

A car paint sealant may not be the most popular bodywork maintenance option in Vaughan. But it has been around for as long as the more common car wax and polishes have been.

Typically, car paint sealant is usually made entirely of synthetic ingredients. When you apply it to your vehicle, you are adding a protective layer to the car. UV rays, chemicals, scratches, and other contaminants, are the common reasons you need a sealant. This protective layer can reduce the effect of these factors to almost nothing.

You may wonder that car paint sealant seems similar to wax and polish. In truth, it is. All of these substances are designed to provide extra protection to the body of your car.

But one way the sealant differs strongly from the others is in its durability. Because it is made up of synthetic materials, it offers extended protection to your vehicle. It can remain on your vehicle for many months!

The standard component of car wax is carnauba wax, a naturally-occurring substance. As a result of its very nature, it breaks down easily. Many users have reported the wax lasting an average of six weeks. In contrast, the car paint sealant will easily stay on your vehicle for up to six months. This may be more, depending on how exposed it is to contaminants.

What does car paint sealant do?

If you’re wondering why you need to pay the cost of car paint sealant, here’s it. A car paint sealant forms a bond with the paint on your car. These bonds are responsible for the strong adhesion to the body of the vehicle.

Furthermore, the sealants are also hydrophobic, meaning they repel water and reduce surface tension. This property allows it to shed water, grime, and other substances that may mess up your bodywork.

Doing this allows your vehicle to attain a pleasant gloss. It also makes it easy to wash. Of course, you can expect these benefits to reflect on the cost of your car paint sealant.


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Why You Should Consider Car Sealant

Car Paint Sealant

Regardless of the car paint sealant’s pricing, you will be making a wise decision to get it for your car. The readily apparent benefits of car paint sealant are:


Car paint sealant is a moderately long-term investment. The effect the paint gives to your car will not wear within a short period.

Unlike traditional wax, car paint sealant lasts for a considerably long time. This can help lengthen the lifespan of your vehicle and even increase its resale value. In other words, it is economical, advisable, and certainly worth considering.

Protection against chemicals

The engineering of car paint sealant is chemically inclined. This protects from factors that wash the paints of cars away easily.

These factors are easy to overlook, but they cause harm. They also do so gradually without much notice. Some of them are ultraviolet rays, acid rain, and unhygienic soaps, among others. Other common elements are water, bird droppings, and tree saps.

A car sealant seeks to protect your car from all damaging factors vigorously. It leaves the car paint shining brightly for as long as possible.

Ease of Cleaning

A recognizable feature of a car paint sealant on any vehicle is its ability to repel water. This simply means you will have no reason to worry about external factors sticking to the car while washing.

The water glides down smoothly, thereby ensuring a clean car with little effort. This is always a desirable effect.

Better Car Outlook

Car paint sealant gives a glossy, shiny, and more beautiful look to any vehicle. The paint produces a fresher look and protects your car from easy scratches and accidents. In many ways, it leaves your vehicle looking new again.

Factors Determining Pricing For Car Paint Sealant

Typically, the pricing for car paint sealant in Vaughan ranges between $550 and $3000. The reason for this wide gulf in range is connected to the following factors:

The present condition of the car paint

The condition of your car’s paint remains one of the essential factors to consider. The ultimate aim of applying car paint sealant is to protect the paint on the car surface. Therefore, the higher the paint’s quality, the lower the car paint sealant’s pricing and vice versa.

The process of applying car paint sealant includes the elimination of micro-scratches, visibly damaged coat areas, and paint swirls. This improves the condition of the paint and produces a shiny, glossy surface. However, it will add to the overall pricing for your car paint sealant.

The complexity of the car surface

Just as cars come in different models, no surface of different models is entirely the same. The complexity of line, design, structure, and size of the vehicle will determine the car paint sealant’s pricing. For example, a simple structured sedan is less complicated and will cost less than a jeep.

This also extends to the paint on the car. The more expensive your vehicle is, the higher the quality of paint used on the car. This statement invariably means the car paint sealant to be applied to the vehicle will equally cost higher.

The choice of sealant

The choice of sealant

The choice of an auto paint sealant to be used on your vehicle will also determine the price. There are usually several options available for you from which to choose.

These options range from quartz to liquid polymer. While both options are recommendable, liquid polymer is less expensive and contains more liquid. Quartz offers more durability and lasts longer. The layers of the car paint sealant you wish to apply to your vehicle will be considered. The more layers you choose, the higher the cost.

The detailing needs of your vehicle

The overall goal of car paint sealant application is protecting your vehicle’s paint. However, car paint sealant application is also aimed at making sure your car looks better.

However, you must do this on a thoroughly neat vehicle, devoid of dust and dirt. This is how the cost of car detailing adds to the overall pricing for car paint sealant application.

Cars rarely used and stored in garages will require less detailing effort compared to frequently used cars that accumulate more dirt. Essentially, the cleaner your car, the less expensive the cost of your sealant.


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Is The Pricing for Car Paint Sealant Worth It?

It is one thing to want to get a car paint sealant for your car. It is another to consider the outcome of applying car paint sealant on your vehicle.

Having taken the most crucial step of buying a car, protecting the car is just one step ahead of that. How heavily you use the vehicle determines if a car paint sealant will be worth it. If you park your cars in a garage and have several ones for different occasions, you may consider it less.

If you have just one or two vehicles that go any and everywhere with you, you should consider it more. In either case, considering the values above, auto paint sealant pricing provides a substantial value in the form of beautiful, sparkling results.

So the answer to the question is simple. Put your mind at rest as the cost is in many ways worth incurring.

Final Take

The pricing for car paint sealant may make you want to change your mind about it. But when you consider the benefits, you will find it an investment for the long haul. Having experienced technicians handle your needs makes the rewards even more remarkable.

In some cases, you may pay as low as $550 for car paint sealant application. However, depending on the quality of your car’s paint, this cost estimate may go up.

Do you have any more questions about car paint sealant application in Vaughan? Check out our auto shop for affordable car paint sealant services in Vaughan. At AutoBoss Vaughan, we have the expertise to provide excellent paint sealing services. Our longstanding experience also helps us to know how best to save you money. Contact us today!