commercial window tinting

If you installed window tints, you are probably looking to improve your building appearance and protect against UV rays. Bubbles appearing on the window tint surface can be frustrating. When you observe window tint bubbles, the process of fixing them is

The reason why bubbles occur

Bubbles are normal in applying window tints, as water can be trapped between the film and the window. Your installation could be better if the tint bubbles remain after two weeks. Bubbles can also appear when dirt and debris stay on windows before the tint is applied. Bubbles may occur when the window tint starts breaking down.

Improper installation: When tinting films are installed improperly, bubbles can appear.

Air/ Soap or contamination bubbles: These air bubbles can shrink as they cure but don’t completely disappear.

Contamination bubbles: Bubbles appear from dirt, and contamination tends to appear more prominent with film curing. If these bubbles. Auto Boss Vaughan suggests windows be re-tinted. 

Fixing bubbles from window tints

If bubbles appear in your window tint, what is suggested to do? The best solution to this problem is to visit the tinting installer to remove them professionally. If you have hired a professional tinting specialist, they will have customer services after installation. You may not add a price for it.

DIY process of fixing bubbles from window tints 

If you don’t want to call a professional tinting specialist and want to fix them on your own. The steps for DIY bubble removals are 

Prepare the supplies

Collect the supplies like a hairdryer, safety pin, water, soap, squeegee and a bottle to remove the bubbles from your window tints.

Apply heat 

Get the window warm. Warm the window surface with a hair dryer if the weather is cold. Bubbles in window tints are easy to remove from warmth. Heat softens the adhesive and weakens the dye, making it easy to manipulate the window tinting films.

Create the moist 

Mist the window. Use room-temperature water to create moisture but don’t soak it. After heating, spray a water and soap solution on the area you want to repair. The solution allows tint adhesive to lose. You must keep the window tint hydrated throughout the spraying process.

Poke a small hole in the bubble 

Start poking the bubbles and create a tiny hole with a straight pin. The holes must be small, be careful and don’t rip the film. Carelessness can lead to scratching up the glass.

Smooth out the surface

Smoothing out the surface is the last step after popping off the bubbles. Slightly reheat the film. You can use a squeegee or a hard plastic card to remove bubbles. Ensure the warmth of the window, then use a straight object or credit card to smooth down the bubbles. Hold the thing straight at 45 degrees. Move it slowly and gently to avoid damage to the window tint. Too much pressure can damage the film.

Drying off

Dry your window with a clean, lint-free microfiber cloth.


Recheck the surface for any bubbles or damages. 

How to prevent bubbles from commercial window tinting

Preventing window tint bubbles is better than removing them when they are produced. It is significant to remain proactive when choosing the best tinting film installers. Some of the essential tips are 

Choose the right tinting product

When you choose high-quality tinting films, the chances of getting bubbles in it reduces. The better the quality is, the better the finishes will be.

Getting professional installation 

Professional window tinting installers with vast expertise know how to adhere to the window tint and prevent bubbles and other problems. Highly trained installers have the tools to get the perfect finishes. You can talk to Auto Boss Vaughan experts to install the window tints, As they are experienced and can prevent bubbles from appearing, which is better than removing them from commercial window tinting.

Clean the surface before application

Properly clean the window before applying window tint on it. Proper cleaning can help the window tints to stick properly with no bubbles in it.

Maintain the tints properly

Use low pH and ammonia-free products to protect the adhesive and film. Avoid using vinegar for cleaning the window tints. Only use the products labeled “For tinted windows,” or simple water and plain soap are okay. 


Removing bubbles from window tints is a tiresome process. It requires patience to remove these bubbles from window tints. A minor error can create damage to the tinting film. Ensure the right tinting film products are installed professionally to resist bubbles. When you have installed it professionally, improve the window tinting film. Contact Auto Boss Vaughan to learn about the quality and installation process.


Can air bubbles vanish from the tint?

Air or soap can create bubbles in window tints. There are a lot of chances of getting the air bubbles to vanish as the tinting film cures. But they don’t disappear completely.

How to get rid of bubbles in tinting film?

Poke the bubble with a pin to ensure the hole must be tiny. Avoid ripping out your window tinting film while it is damp and warm. Use a credit card or a straight object to smoothen the bubbles slowly.

Why do bubbles develop in new window tints?

The bubbles can be created from soap or water trapped in the process.

How long does it take to cure window tint?

The suggested time for newly tinted windows is 48 hours after installation, 

Give at least three days or 72 hours (maximum curing time) to avoid peeling edges.