Reflective Window Tinting

Do you want an amazing look at your building? Yes! The appearance of a building can be green or blue, and it can save your utility bills as well. People who love comfort and elegance are adopting these cheaper solar-controlling tinting films to boost home efficiencies and reduce costs. The reflective window tinting films are applied outside or inside the glass, blocking nearly 80% of solar heat.

Experts from Auto Boss Vaughan say, “You may get the window installation money back if you apply high-quality window tints.”

Reflective window tinting

Although window tinting was uncommon, it has gained popularity recently. Reflective window tinting offers the benefits of keeping your home cool and improving your home appearance. Before buying or installing, you must know the pros and cons of window tinting.



Privacy is the major reason to install window tinting, especially if your house is on a busy road or street. The said benefit makes this window a good option. 

A reflective window film that is properly installed makes it impossible to see through it in daylight. It allows you to enjoy natural light as much as possible without relying on artificial light and closing drapes.

Summer temperature

A reflective window helps reflect high sunlight proportion, keeping the room cool. It also helps keep the furniture cool so it doesn’t act as a room radiator. You can save your cooling cost as the sun lowers your home temperature during summer.

UV protection

Furniture polish and fabric lose their colors because of the harmful sun rays. Window tinting film blocks UV rays protecting damage to fabrics and furniture. Your carpets remain in better Safety Condition for longer. Wooden furniture remains in its original condition because of less heat. Most tinting films block 99% of UV rays.

The major benefit of window tinting is that windows don’t shatter in an accident. It helps hold the window together and absorb the shock. Glass shards are kept together, making break-ins time-consuming.


If you install tinting film internally, it helps in reducing the difference between day and night temperatures. It helps keep the quality of wooden frames.

Living cost

Well-installed tinting film results in cost-saving as it reduces the cooling cost in summer and warming cost in winter. It saves up to 40% of energy and is far cheaper than replacing windows.

Comfort and appearance

It can be used to enhance the healthy feeling and home comfort if your color choice is appropriate. It makes your house appearance welcoming; it can positively impact your friends and family.


Some states, provinces and utility programs offer rebates for reflective window tinting.


Night ineffectiveness

Window tinting films could be more effective in darkness. When you turn on the light at night, it becomes easy to see across the windows. If you think that having window tinting reduces the need for curtains at your home, you must think again.

Inconvenient in winter

Although, window tints are ideal for keeping your home cool due to their reflective quality. They maintain this, making yours well, making your home cooler than usual. Hence, increasing your heating bills.

A costly decision

If you live in a region where summer is longer than winter, then window tinting can save you some money in the long run, but it is a costly decision. The prices of window tinting range from $5 to $8 per square foot. You also require a professional tinting installer to get the whole process done.

Tinting doesn’t increase your home’s value

Some of the improvements in your home increase its value. However, window tinting doesn’t. Because most people are unaware of the benefits of tinting films, It is a chance to get more by selling your house because of window tints.

Tinting film can void window warranty

In some cases, manufacturers warn that window tinting films may void the warranty. However, some offer matching glass and tinting films.

Difficulty in installation

Certain latches and frames make window tinting installation difficult. An improper installation leaves a bubbly look on the glass.


Some homeowners need to learn about the benefits of this film so they avoid it. Installers prefer some brands over others due to quality and standards.

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Window tinting is sometimes beneficial and provides an energy saving option. Due to its cooling effect, you can save monthly energy costs. However, you must consider the best window tinting installer for the perfect finishes. Like everything, it has some benefits and some drawbacks, so the decision goes to you whether to invest in it or not.


Does reflective window film reduce heat?

The reflective film reduces heat by rejecting a solar energy percentage before entering the area. It is applied directly to glass and helps reduce heat more than blinds and curtains.

Is there any difference between non-reflective and reflective tint?

Reflective tint tends to reduce glare and heat as it reflects a larger quantity of UV rays and heat. However, when internal lights turn on, your privacy can be compromised. It is less appealing than a non-reflective window.

Is window tinting effective in winter?

No! Window tinting is not a heating-absorbent option. It may not save potential energy to make your house comfortable in winter too. The reflective quality makes it a bad option for winter as it may create a cooling effect increasing your heating cost.

Does window tint increase the sale value of your house?

No! Window tinting doesn’t increase the sale value of your house. It can add value to a house’s appearance but not the house itself.