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It’s no surprise that only a few people consider car window tinting in winter. For most car owners, they usually relate this activity with summer and spring. While this is true, driving in the cold winter without a tinted glass can be difficult. First, you have to provide warmth in your car. Then, on darker days, you may have to deal with lousy visibility while driving.

On the other hand, window tinting can save you the extra expenses of purchasing car heaters. Not to mention, it eases the stress of maintaining your vehicle in winter. We’re aware that you may not consider winter the best time to tint your car window because it may take a while to ensure full curing. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not necessary.

In more ways than one, now is the time you’ll need a window tint more than ever. Sure, there are a few car window tinting laws to know. But, in terms of pricing, installing window tints in winter isn’t different from doing so in summer. Keep reading to find out more!

Benefits of Tinting Your Car Window In Winter

The winter season comes with many risks that put both you and your vehicle in danger. One significant benefit of professional car window tinting in winter is its potential to trap heat inside your car.  Amongst other things, it preserves the energy your car will otherwise use in operating heaters.

Other advantages of tinting your car windows in winter include:

Maintains your car interior

maintains car interior

The sun and UV rays can make the dashboard and other components of your car interior wear out. This damage automatically affects the resale value of your car. Although it’s winter, and it’s unlikely the sun will be harsh, but it’s still an ever-present fixture.

Car window tinting will preserve your interior for an extended period and protect it from breakages. Moreover, it’ll enable you to resell your vehicle at a reasonable price.

Better visibility

Many people have asked, should I do car window tinting in winter? The fact that it improves your visibility while driving is enough reason to tint your vehicle’s window. The conditions for driving in winter are far more horrible than in other seasons.

There are the oncoming headlights of other vehicles to deal with, as well as the glare from several lamp posts and Christmas lights. Thanks to the snow, the conditions will reflect these specks of light directly to your area of vision. In the end, it causes poor visibility, which can lead to road accidents.

However, with a tinted window, your eyes are shielded, and the glint from the sun is reduced. The same goes for the reflection of light from other sources. Installing car window tints allows you and other road users to drive safely without any dangers. In the event of a casualty, it also strengthens your car window by preventing it from shattering.

Reduces fade

Tinting your vehicle window in winter prevents its interior colours from fading. The UV rays from the sun pose a threat to your vehicle’s upholstery. By tinting your window, you reduce the intensity of UV rays hitting your car’s interior.

The ripple effect of this will preserve the vibrant colour and lustre of your car’s interior. Besides, you won’t have to change the upholstery frequently and will only have to spend less on maintenance.

Improves insulation

This is another reason why you should tint your car in the winter season. The tint serves as an insulator by keeping your vehicle cozy and warm. Aside from the warmth it brings, it saves you energy by reducing the need for artificial heating while warming your car.

With fewer heating elements, you also save money in fuel costs. Compared to a driver who doesn’t have a window tint, you’ll be able to drive off quickly because it won’t take you much time to warm up your vehicle. Ultimately, it extends your vehicle’s engine life, and it provides you with a year-round advantage.


window security

Car window tinting in winter improves the security of your car. The holiday season in Vaughan does come with an increase in crime rates. While you may choose to get car tracking and alarms, they don’t serve as precautionary measures. In the case of car robbery, they only alert you after the incident has occurred.

On the other hand, car window tinting prevents burglars from seeing the items in your car. With it, you can comfortably shop for Christmas and leave the things in your car. In the same manner, a quality tint keeps a shattered window intact.

So even if your car window is smashed, burglars will still not have entry to the interior. Also, if your car is usually parked in your driveway, you can rest assured that it’s safe from car hijackers.


During the holiday season, most places in the GTA are often crowded. Even while driving, the crowd is unavoidable. A window tint makes you relaxed as it hinders strangers from peering into your vehicle. Moreover, you can comfortably change your clothing and carry out private activities in your car without being interrupted.


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How to Maintain a Tinted Car Window

Getting a window tint is one thing. Maintaining it is another important factor to consider. In winter, you may have noticed a white film on your window tint. This film may be a result of snow salt, hard water, pollutants, and cleaning agents.

With these impurities, if you consistently clean your car with a soapy solution, your tint will slowly peel off. Therefore, you must use the right cleaning agents to maintain your vehicle.

Use vinegar

To clean the salt spills on your tint, equally mix white vinegar with warm water. Pour the mix into a spray container. Then spray it on your window tint and gently wipe it off with a cloth. Repeat this method on all the affected spots.

use vinegar

Spray it with ammonia-free glass window cleaner

Buy ammonia-free glass window cleaner and spray it on your window. Then wipe the solution away with a neat rag. Be sure to repeat this procedure on all the windows. If you can’t get this cleaning agent, you can ask for advice from a car window tinting service in Vaughan around you.

Wipe it with a vinyl window cleaner

Vinyl window cleaners are produced with a gentler mixture than regular window cleaners. Hence, they’re a better option for cleaning your window tint.

Spray the cleaner on the window tint. Then, with a wet cloth, clean the vinyl from the tint. Then, dry your window using a soft rag to prevent water patches from forming.

The Best Window Tints for Winter

You may be wondering, what are the considerations for car window tinting in winter? Well, this is one of them. Window tint films vary in type and quality. While some tints are highly reflective, others aren’t. Getting a very dark shade means more insulation in your car for winter.

Ask your car window tinting service specifically for tints made for colder climates. You can look out for tints specifically built to seal in warm air in your vehicle. So, even when the temperature is freezing, it will prevent heat from escaping and keep the cold away. Plus, it’s very effective for glare control and fade reduction.

Tint colors range from deep blue to several shades of silver, grey and bronze. For a more stylish look, you can choose the frosted glass look to safeguard the insides of your car while maintaining privacy. If you’re still not sure about which tint film to use, consult with an expert. They’ll help you choose the best type of window tint for your car.

Car Window Tinting Procedure

If you’re planning on tinting your car window in winter, it’ll delight you to know the procedure is easy, and it only takes a while.

First, your vehicle’s window will be washed using a clean sponge with water and soap solution. This will remove every debris and dirt on it. Then, the professional will assess your car’s window and cut pieces of film to fit the measurements.

After this, the installer will remove the tint film and put it on a peel board to cut finer details of your window. Once the tint film has been shaped to your window’s size, the next procedure is installation. The film will be installed onto the inside surface of your window.

The final step is inspection where the professional will examine the work and check if the tint films fit the windows perfectly. If there are any imperfections, it’ll be fixed immediately. After installing the tint, ensure it’s dry before rolling down your windows.


The advantages of car window tinting in winter involve protection from every seasonal element. Although, winter can be really dreadful, you can make your driving experience better with a window tint. Not only will you have privacy, but your car will be warmer, and it’ll maintain its interior appearance.

If you’re searching for reliable window tinting services in Vaughan, Auto Boss Vaughan has got you covered. Visit our auto shop for first-class window service during the holiday season!