Auto Tinting

Car window tinting adds value to your vehicle. Besides privacy, tinting provides leisure to driving, especially with the sun in front of you. The direct sun rays make it difficult to drive. Tinting blocks around 99% UV rays that protect both upholstery and passengers. A car with tinted windows goes through less damage to the car interior, such as warping, cracking or fading. 

Increasing the time you spend driving will result in heat accumulation. You will like to experience this addition to your car. Choosing the best car window tinting can be a complicated matter. 

Know the auto-tinting options

When you know different tinting options, the first step in considering the window tinting company is to know the available window tinting colors. Each step adds performance and quality. Ceramic films come with a lifetime warranty. They can perform better than other window tinting options. 

Top or average-tier tints

The window tinting choice depends on two factors. The amount are you willing to spend on window tinting and car usage? 

Top-tier window tints have a long life. They are eye-catchy and generally better. Ceramic window tinting films use the latest raw materials and technology to create a perfect UV protection layer and improved durability.

If you start from low and cost-effective films, a dyed film can be better quality. 

Buy UV reflecting auto tinting films

UV radiations are unhealthy for both human and vehicle skin. UV window films help you keep 99% of the sun’s rays out. It ensures that solar heat is not trapped in the vehicle. Trapped sun’s energy causes an oven-like effect; if it retains, it makes your car heat up for a long time. 

State laws

Every state and province has different auto tinting laws. You must understand the state laws regarding window tinting in your area. Yes! You won’t like to be fined because of the window tinting color. A professional window tinting film installer will guide you about the state laws. You must be careful regarding window tinting installers who don’t care about state laws.

You and your auto tinting installer may experience heavy penalties if you violate the window tinting laws.

Get car window tinting installed by professionals

Anyone can install window tinting, but only window tinting professionals can provide you with the best-ever finishes and unique appearance. Auto tinting from professionals can be expensive, but the finishes you require may be worth more than the cost you paid. They learn more techniques of tint installations because of their repeated work.

Gain knowledge of where and where to avoid getting tint

You must know which car parts are tinted and which to be left. For example, you must not have tints on the side mirror. However, it is safe enough to have lighter auto-tinting shades on the rear and side glasses. Darker shades can make some of the vision erroneous and make it difficult to view on these sides. Auto tinting on windshields is illegal in all the states. Windshield tinting is like wearing dark sunglasses while driving at night. UV protection films are those thin films that are almost invisible.

Know the methods of maintaining the window tint

You must gain complete knowledge of maintaining window tints. Know how to clean and roll down your car windows. It would be best to avoid pulling the window tints loose until it is completely dry. Let the first window tinting be cleaned by the installer. We suggest using a soft cloth or a paper towel and ammonia-free cleaner.

Think about appearance

Darker windows change the car’s exterior altogether. Whether you opt for a darker or lighter tint shade depends on the newest car design trends and aesthetic preferences.

Read product reviews 

All forms of window tints are not equal. Check for product reviews, talk to the specialists from Auto Boss Vaughan and get a complete review of your chosen product. Our experts help you have the best idea regarding window tinting percentage for your car.

Vision and color intensity of the window tints

Understanding vision is far more important than color when it is a question of high intensity. The 50% tint shade is vibrant, especially in dark colors. You may have green, blue, pink or yellow. You can choose any color.

Understanding the reason for auto tinting installation

First and foremost, the thing is to understand why you need auto tinting. The reasons for car tinting depend on your personality, choices, state laws and comfort. For example, some prefer window tints to improve their car’s appearance, whereas others want UV or theft protection. Choosing the right tinting option is much easier if you have proper intentions.

Your budget

Budget is the biggest factor in choosing window tints. High-quality or premium-quality window tints are usually expensive, whereas the average quality tinting films are less costly.

Talk to the professionals

Consider our special packages if you are interested in protective treatments and seamless tints for your car. Reach out to our experts to enjoy a smooth and better drive. Talk to us and learn more about driving better.


It is concluded that selecting the right tinting style depends on the factors like the state laws, the right percentage, color choice, and the color suited to your appearance. AutoBossVaughan is a tinting installation provider with experienced employees that help you with proper finishes.


Is 20% or 35% window tinting darker?

Although 20% is darker and gives your vehicle a stylish look while adding driver’s safety. 35% is better than 20%.

Which tint is popular?

20% to 30% of tints are popular. They are not overly dark and noticeable, which makes them a better choice for vehicle owners,

What percentage of window tinting is the best for windshields? 

Experts suggest ceramic tints that infrared rejection for the front windshield. They provide 80% visible light transmission.