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Are you searching for a home window tinting installer? You can apply window tinting to your home windows, but it is quite a delicate process that requires time and careful handling. However, hiring a professional residential window installer not only ensures the finest finishes but will not make any costly mistakes. 

Tips that are helpful in choosing the right window tinting installer
Tips that are helpful in choosing the right window tinting installer

Google the phrase residential window tinting near me. First, you will get a list of the top home window tinting installers near you. Here, I will provide you with some important tips that are helpful for hiring the best residential window tinting installer.

Tip 1: Ensure that the window tinting installer is licensed

Finding a license for a residential window tinting installer has become easier nowadays; you can search for the information online. Experienced installers always show their license numbers on their social media or website. 

Tip 2: Reviews 

Online personal reviews are important in choosing the best window tinting near me. A diligent customer goes through Yelp, Google, and the Better Business Bureau. Look for the feedback of the customers; it will help you in judging the company’s work ethic, installation, and communication skills. Check the company’s response to the negative reviews; if they respond to the public negative reviews, it means they care for their customer, and they want to satisfy them.

Tip 3: Experience

Commercial or residential window tinting is an investment. If it is not installed properly, you may need replacement of your window tint quite often. An experienced residential window tinting installer can handle different types of windows, including residential, commercial, or vehicle windows.

Second, an experienced window tinting installer has a better idea about which kind of window tint is better for which window, pays attention to multiple products, and suggests the one that suits your glass. For example, Auto Boss uses 3M window tints that have a wide variety of window tinting films, compatible with every type and size of the window.

Tip 4: Patient and Knowledgeable tinting experts

Make an appointment call for a free estimate for window tinting. In-person contact will help you judge a lot about the patience and knowledge of the installer. The company providing you quotes must have comprehensive knowledge about the window tinting material and how much they are compatible with your window type. The estimator or the customer sales representative should ask questions to understand your requirements and budget and help you choose the best-suiting option. He should be friendly and patient enough to listen to your demands and provide you with knowledgeable feedback.

Tip 5: Referrals

Ask for the references of the old clients from the installation expert you want to choose. It is better to ask other people, like your friends or acquaintances. If the respective installer gives you a track record of customer satisfaction for every kind of window, including commercial, residential, or auto glass windows,

Tip 6: Warranty 

Ask for a warranty from your window tinting specialist. A detailed and comprehensive reflection of the confidence of installation experts in their material and work. A warranty assures that they will repeat the process without any additional cost.

Tip 7: Asses their material along with technology

Ask your installer about the brands and window tinting film types and their performance.

Experienced and reputable window tinting installers work with reputable window tinting manufacturers.

Tip 8: Installation process and time frame
Installation process and time frame 

Installation process time is also important, especially when you are living in the same house. An estimated time will help you to plan things accordingly to ensure an efficient and smooth installation. You can manage your schedule and make arrangements accordingly.

Tip 9: Pricing 

Get the detailed pricing structure of the residential window tinting. It helps you to assess the accurate cost of the whole project. It ensures no hidden or unexpected charges will be involved in the project.

Tip10: Customer services

Reputable companies keep their customers as their top priority, and they give special attention to the customer services department. So, it is better to choose people with polite behavior and prompt responses.


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Why choose Auto Boss

When you try to install residential window tints by yourself, you may find it difficult because some windows are high, some are large, or oddly shaped. However, professional window tinting specialists have enough expertise and tools to install window tints accurately and smoothly on any shape or size of the window. When you hire an expert installer, he ensures that window tinting film will maintain its integrity and quality for a long time without fading, bubbling, or peeling. They are equipped with specific skills and installation tools to handle any windows, from curved to large commercial glass windows. 

When you type the phrase residential window tinting near me, and you are a Canadian resident, you will get a list of the top companies, including Auto Boss. Auto Boss’s team is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and versatile window tinting specialists available at affordable prices. Our highly-trained, friendly team is always ready to transform your home with the perfect level of protection against UV rays, the eyes of passers-by people, and injuries caused by glass shattering in case of an accident.


While searching for residential window tinting near me, you may get information about more companies providing these services, making selecting the right one a daunting task. However, follow the tips or considerations mentioned above. Proper research will make it easier to make a money and time-saving decision.


How to choose a house tint?

If you are living in a hotter region, choose the window tinting film reflecting the heart. However, if your residence is in a less warm region, you can choose another type of window tint.

Which is the best window tinting option?

Ceramic tint is the best option for heat and glare reduction while maintaining night visibility. 

Which window tint is good for privacy?

Whiteout, Blackout, and translucent window tinting films are a solution for privacy and security. Blackouts or white obscure your room from people or objects. The translucent window tint has a frosted appearance that makes them a popular choice for bathrooms.