Window tinting cost

There will be many times when you think that you live in your car. Window tinting can be helpful while staying in your car. In this article, I will tell you about the costs of window tints. First, you need to know what window tint is. A window tint is a colored sheet that is applied to a window. If you want to know

more about window tinting, keep reading.

Car tinting is a worthy investment, but how will you know that by its benefits and reasons to buy it? 

Why Buy Car Window Tinting?

A lot of factors affect window tinting prices. The major factor is your aim. It means why you want tinted windows. The answer also defines the type of tints you want to apply on your car windows. 

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  • Your first option can be UV protective tints that have fewer options for cracking. Window tinting protects your car from harmful rays from the sun. And keeps radiation from damaging the car’s interior, especially during summer.
  • A window tint helps keep the temperature inside maintained, keeps your car’s interior temperature comfortable, and prevents germ buildup.
  • Most car tints don’t offer glare and a safer driving experience. They are easy to clean and scratch-resistant, which results in driving easier.
  • When you have the right car tint, it can give your car a professional or a premium look that boosts its value and makes it look stylish.

Factors that Determine Car Tinting Prices 

Window  tinting is not an expensive idea, even if you choose higher brands. In Ontario, the price range is $100 to $400 for the complete vehicle. It is the best idea to check your budget and get a survey before selecting any installation company or brand.

The car tinting price is mainly given per window. It might range from anywhere between per window. By knowing the following factors that affect the prices, you can save massively on your car tints.

Type of Tint

It is quite difficult to get a fixed price for window tinting in Ontario because of the customer’s choices. Different choices define different prices. For example, the number of heat rejection layers increases the prices. Here I will guide you about the tinting prices according to their types.

Dyed Tints

Usually, dye tints are the cheapest from the lot. Most car owners use 3M tints for good lighting and radiation block. These cost between $500 to $600 for the whole car. However some other types of tints are also available, but they least offer guarantees.

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Metalized Tints

These tints have small metal particles that have reflective properties. Metalized tints are helpful in reducing heat but cause radio interference.

Carbon Window Tints 

It is a superheat reflector than any other form of tint. It provides dark and matte finishes that make it a popular one. 

Ceramic Tints

It is of supreme quality and one of the most expensive tints. It has qualities of heat reflection. However, it provides maximum visibility.

Type of Car

If you have a full-fledged SUV or an RV, the window tinting cost will be higher than a usual sedan or a hatchback.

Number of Windows to Be Tinted

Car tinting costs in Ontario also depend on the number of windows. Some car owners prefer only to have the front two windows tinted on the front screen. It costs less than getting all the windows tinted. Some of the window tinting installers provide solid package deals. For example, a window tinting package for pick up is far less than a van with a larger number of windows. In general, the small car cost is less than larger cars. Compact SUV’s window tinting cost is less than full-size SUVs.

Quality of window tinting 

Window tints, like any other thing in the world, come in different qualities. However, quality is the major thing you have to consider. Higher quality tints come with warranties. However, they are a bit more expensive than others. We suggest you buy a bit of an expensive tint that may last for years.


Not every tint is available with a warranty. If you install the tints without a warranty, there are chances of peeling off or cracking, even with bird droppings as well. A lot of tinting manufacturers offer a warranty without extra cost. Don’t buy a warranty to cover up faulty material. However, the tints with warranties show that the tint is of higher quality. 

The larger brands offer warranties as they have confidence in their products.

Level of technology 

Technology can work wonders. Some of the tints offer protection from UV rays that affect the temperature of the car interior. Some offer machine-cutting that ensures the finest finishes. However, some brands offer glass-shattering protection. The level of technology also affects the prices of window tints.

Saving Options

You will find many window tinting packages that help you save money. Always ask the shop staff for the best deal. Sometimes tinting your windows can be tricky as there are many laws around it. That is why professional car tinting is always recommended.

Brand options

The brand does matter. Because brands aim to provide better performance and quality. However, some brands can be really expensive. Consider searching window tinting brands before you opt for tinting.

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Window tinting prices depend on different factors, including the type of tints, quality, warranty, installation cost, type of car, number of glass windows, and much more. These factors are also helpful in determining the price of tinted windows in Ontario. However, the price slab may lie between $25 to $100.


What is the price range for tinted car windows in Ontario?

The price range for window tinting is between $25 to $ 150, depending upon different factors.

Which percentage is considered as darkest legal in Ontario?

30% darkness is the allowable limit for window tinting on the front right and left windows.

Can you apply a 5% tint level in Canada?

No! You can not apply any tint on the windshield. However, you can have 30% tinted front side windows.