3m window tint

Every homeowner loves improving their home to maintain or increase their home resale value. Most homeowners invest in 3M window tint to reduce heat gain while reducing energy consumption because you don’t need to turn on your AC to reduce home temperature in summer. 

You must know its benefits to know what 3M window film is worth. Here, we will do an in-depth analysis to guide you about window tint benefits.

3M residential window tint

3M offers a range of residential window tinting films named the 3M prestige series, known for heat reduction. Although they are more expensive than others, they reflect light, keep your window clear, reduce utility bills, UV rays and glare, and make your home atmosphere pleasant. The non-metal technology of 3M tint ensures uninterrupted cell service or satellite signals.  

3M tint provides improved privacy during the daytime by blocking natural light. Some 3M window tints, such as the 3M Fasara window tint, provide complete privacy. You can enjoy a comfortable, secure living environment. 3M also offers long-lasting ceramic window tints that protect your home against UV rays and heat gain.

What does 3M window tint do for your home?
What does 3M window tint do for your home?

Here are some benefits of 3M window film installation:

Energy conservation 

Homeowners get tinted windows to save their money spent on energy. Tradition window glass lets UV and infrared rays pass through, which raises your home temperature.

However, 3M solar film controls sunlight from entering your home through window glass. It blocks 99% of UV rays and heat blockage and keeps your home cool. It decreases the need for AC consumption. A low-emissivity window tinting film blocks UV rays from streaming indoors or outdoors, reducing electricity bills.

Prevent fading caused by UV rays

The surfaces or materials like drapes, flooring, artwork, curtains and upholstered furniture fade away with time because of sun damage. UV rays entering from windows can also cause skin aging and cancer. Installing window tinting films helps you prevent skin damage or furniture fading.

Enhanced property value

Your home is also your investment; however, window tints add value to your property and enhance curb appeal. When you want to sell your home, these films add value. 

Increased security and privacy

Besides UV protection, 3M window tint enhances your home’s security. For example, 3M tint security films help prevent glass shattering in case of an accident. 3M security window tints are made from 42 microlayers combined, forming a tough protective layer. The microlayers make it challenging to break. Even if your glass window breaks, 3M window tint won’t let it shatter into a million pieces. The window tinting film holds the window glass together and prevents injury caused by glass shattering. 3M tint saves you and your family even when windows break due to a storm or glass breakage due to a ball hit. 

The window tints create an opaque, mirror-like or stained effect, making it complicated. to see through.


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Reducing glare

Streaming sun rays to your home and bouncing off makes working on computer screens or watching TV difficult. Glare can impair your vision, washing out colors on the screen or plummeting image clarity. Using blinds to get rid of this glare leaves you in the dark. However, window tints keep your computer or TV screens clear and lower glare while maintaining natural light to pass through.

3M window tinting films benefit from reducing external and internal reflection. These window tints improve outdoor views while preserving a pleasing appearance.

Increase in useable footage 

When your windows are tinted, your space for furniture and sitting increases. Because window tints allow natural light to enter space without reducing it as curtains or blinds do. It makes 3M window tint a worthy investment for businesses as well. 

Improve temperature consistency in your home

Installing window tint on your residence is an inexpensive improvement to your home while increasing energy efficiency. Besides other benefits, professionally installed window tints can improve comfort and add to your home style.

You can install window tint according to the window sizes of your home. Suppose you have more oversized windows in your home. The heat gain will be more as compared to others. You may require window tints in specific portions or warmer rooms than rooms with smaller windows. It can limit sun exposure and heat gain. 


Generally, 3M tint comes with a warranty. These warranties may vary, ranging from fading to improved lifespan.

Why choose a 3M window tint?
Why choose a 3M window tint?

3M window tint comes with higher quality and warranty. 3M are industry leaders in quality and innovation. 3M residential window tints have a wide range of tinting films named as prestige series. Initially, you may think these window tints are expensive, but they pay you later when installed professionally. Their professional installation is also affordable.


Having 3M window tints is worth it as long as you don’t void the warranty and your window glass is compatible with window tint film. Suppose the window tints are incompatible with your glass quality. In that case, it may cause glass damage and cost you window replacement money rather than saving it. 

We suggest working with professional window tinting installers with enough experience to ensure quality installation. However, some people choose to install window tint by themselves, which may lead to improper finishes, and you may require early tint replacement.


Is 3M window film good?

3M tint film is made of high-quality material that makes it long-lasting to resist environmental elements. It is easy to maintain.

How long does 3M window tinting film last?

3M window tint can last for up to 15 years.

Why is a 3M window tint expensive?

A 3M window tint consists of high-quality elements that make it expensive.

Does 3M solar film block heat?

3M window tint reduces heat gain by up to 78% without darkening your house.