Is 30 Tint on Car Legal

Window tinting is a favorite of many car owners. And no the reason is not the aesthetic appeal only but its practical benefits. Window tinting offers plenty of benefits, from protecting you and your ride from damaging UV rays to reducing the glare of other highway cars. Don’t be shocked if I tell you window tinting is legal to a certain extent only. If you are interested in window tinting, you should be aware of car window tinting laws in your area. No one wants to be pulled over by a cop for breaking a law, right? So, to be safe, let’s explore if 30 tint on the car is OK and legal. Let’s figure out Canadian laws about 30 tints on a car, specifically in Ontario. 

Canada Window Tint Laws

Window tint laws in Canada vary from province to province. What’s legal in one province is likely illegal in another one. For legal compliance, one should be aware of window tinting laws. Also, adhere to these for the safety of others. Window tint laws in Ontario are different from Alberta, Quebec, and others. In Ontario, the front and back windows should let 70% of light pass through or in some areas, it is 100%. 

All tinted windows car owners should follow these laws to avoid fines. Highly tinted windows compromise visibility to a greater level. This increases the risk of accidents. Therefore, you should learn about its legal compliance before you go to a window tinting professional.


ProvinceWindshieldFront SideBacksideRear
OntarioNone NoneAnyAny
AlbertaNone NoneAny Any
Quebec15 cm 70%AnyAny

Tinted Car Windows in Ontario

Are you worried your tinted windows could be breaking the law? Worry no more. We are here to share all the legal information related to car window tints so you can roam around the town freely. Tinting car windows is a great way to enhance privacy and security. However, the visibility and safety of others can not be overlooked in this regard. So, in Ontario, 70% tint is allowed, meaning the tint should allow 70% visible light to pass. Does that mean 30 tint on car are legal in Ontario, Canada? The answer is YES. 

Tinted Car Windows in Ontario

The windshield and front side windows should be least tinted to avoid accidents and penalties. Moreover, aftermarket tinting is not legal in Ontario. Anyone interested in tinting their car windows should consider the legal factor. Only 30 tint on car or 30% tint on front windows are allowed. This 30 tint on car law is only for Ontario; things might be different for other provinces. The following window tint laws apply in Ontario. 

  • No tint is allowed on the windshield. 
  • Any tint percentage is allowed for rear windows.
  • 30 tint on car or 70% VLT is allowed for front side windows.
  • No rules for the backside window. You can go with any percentage.

Ontario is quite strict regarding aftermarket window tinting. The front side windows must let 70% of light pass through. Moreover, all car owners can go for 30 tints on car for the portion up to the top 75mm portion. To drive safely, one should be aware of all the rules related to window tinting. In most provinces, there is no limit to rear and back windows. You should be mindful of the window tint laws in your state or province. 

How Dark is Too Dark in Ontario?

The window tint should not be dark enough to blind you, or you could barely see something. If it is causing an issue with the visibility, the window tint is too dark for you. For Ontario, only 30 tint on car or 70% VLT is legal. VLT is visible light transmittance. Car owners can increase or decrease the tint percentage to control light transfer. The higher the tint percentage, the lower will be the VLT. Highly tinted windows are only an issue once and unless it is windshield or front windows. In some provinces, 100% tint is allowed for the rear windows. The tint laws are made to ensure road safety for everyone. 

How to Choose Legal Tint Percentage?

How to Choose Legal Tint Percentage?

If you are considering window tinting, remember its legal perspective. Before you get 30 tint on car or higher look for the window tint laws in your area. If you are unable to get the information regarding window tints, consider the following facts.

  • 50% tint is the safest player. It is neither too dark nor too light. It is the best option for those who want protection from UV rays without turning car windows too dark. 
  • 35% is darker than 50% and is allowed in many provinces of Canada.
  • However, those who are interested in enhancing security should go for 20%. If 20% window tint is allowed in your province, go for it, and if not, drop the idea. Moreover, 20% is the best to leave your belongings in the car without any worries. Vehicle theft is a lot less in tinted car windows. 

Benefits of Tinted Windows

Tinted windows have plenty of benefits but that does not come without a price. It has various laws that a rider should fulfill to avoid penalties and enjoy benefits to the fullest. Window tint offers the following astonishing benefits to car owners.

  • It is great for protection against harmful UV rays. 
  • Window tints are excellent for enhancing the privacy and security of your car and what’s inside your vehicle, whether it is a person or your belongings.
  • It reduces sunlight glare and controls the temperature inside your vehicle. Your car won’t be heated up if you park it in direct sunlight. Window tints offer great comfort.
  • Some choose window tints to upgrade their style. No doubt, it is an amazing style option.


Window tints are legal in Canada, but the tint percentage varies from province to province. In Ontario, 30 tint on car are legal and no resident has to face any penalty or fine who has tinted windows in this limit. However, those who opt for highly tinted windows should prepare themselves for legal action by the authorities. No matter where you drive, just be aware of the laws related to window tints in that area for everyone’s safety. 


Is 30% tint legal in Ontario?

Yes, 30% tint is legal in Ontario. 30 tint on car means the tint blocks 30% of the light and lets the 70% pass. This law is only for windshield and front side windows. 

What is the darkest legal tint in Canada?

The darkest legal tint in Canada is 70% on all windows of the car. It can come in company-manufactured vehicles, but for aftermarket tinting, check the legal tint range.