ceramic paint protection

It is natural for your car paint to appear dull as compared to the new paint because of your vehicle’s exposure to the sun, gas, dust, bugs, and other debris types. Ceramic paint protection can protect your car paint from these external elements while giving it a new shine. If you are searching for the term best ceramic coating for cars, then talk to our experts; they will guide you about the compatible ceramic coating option. 

What is ceramic car coating or ceramic paint protection?

Ceramic paint protection, depending on the type of coating, is a permanent or semi-permanent protection layer. It is the nanoscopic treatment for car paint and is available in liquid form, but when it cures, it creates a hard layer over the car surface. The chemical formula for ceramic coating is SiO2 (silicon dioxide) extracted from natural substances like sand and quartz. When the chemicals bond with the car’s surface, it makes water repelling effects. 

Although DIY ceramic auto coating kits are also available in the market, Auto Boss recommends professional application. By installing coating by yourself you can do costly ceramic coating mistakes that are irreversible.

The effects of ceramic car coating on the vehicle

The ceramic paint protection effects on the vehicle include:

Paint protection 

During the drive, you expose your car paint to environmental factors like sunlight, heavy rain, or snow that damage your car paint. Ceramic car coating provides a protective but strong surface layer to the car body while blocking foreign substances that cause damage. Ceramic paint protection withstands enough damage without showing effects on your car, like oxidation, fading, and chemical staining. It prevents harmful sun rays from entering the car’s surface, which may lead to oxidation. A car ceramic coating is helpful if you don’t have the facility to park your car in a garage or shade.

Extra protection layer

Extra protection layer

Ceramic paint protection provides you with an extra protection layer from the elements causing damage to the car’s surface. You can apply this protection layer over PPF or any other protection option. If ceramic car coating is applied to the PPF layer, it will improve the protection level and shine. For instance, environmental factors like sunlight and heat, hailing, snow, or rain can cause damage to the car paint. The ceramic coat makes a hard layer that protects the layer beneath it. 

Keep your vehicle clean

With the hard layer on your vehicle, ceramic car coating provides dirt or debris to roll off the car surface rather than sticking to it. It keeps your car’s surface clean even when it needs washing. 

Long-lasting than other protection options

Traditional protection options like wax wear off faster than ceramic car coating. When you choose a ceramic car coat, it will last for years to come without wearing it off, even when it is exposed to harsh weather, atmospheric components, bird droppings, tree sap, etc.

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Initially, Ceramic car coating seems expensive; however, it is cost-effective in the long run. Because you won’t need to spend a lot of money on waxing, car washes, or paint correction services.

Ceramic coating can be semi-permanent depending on its type and brand, which means you don’t need to worry about its replacement early.

Sleek appearance

Everyone wants their car paint shiny and fresh. But this shine reduces over time when your car is exposed to sun or other harsh weather conditions. But a ceramic car coat keeps your car’s appearance beautiful and keeps your car gloss candy-like. The ceramic coat will bring out the best of the car’s original paintwork, restoring its original factory look!

Improves paint’s life

Ceramic car coating is an extra protection layer, making the paint job durable and long-lasting. The paint underneath this protective layer remains fresh over the years. The ceramic coating acts as a sacrificial layer. It bears every hazard from rocks and other elements that damage the car while you are driving it. 

Reduces the need for waxing
Reduces the need for waxing

A ceramic car coat will minimize the need to wax your vehicle. If your car is ceramic coated, you may not need waxing for long. However, if you apply waxing over the coating, it improves the life of the coating itself.


Ceramic coats repel water, dirt, and other elements that can harm your vehicle. The chances of getting this dirt stuck to the vehicle are higher in a high-populated or polluted area. However, ceramic coating keeps your vehicle clean. When you drive your car in the rain, water droplets don’t retain over the car’s surface. Hence, you may not get water spots if your car is ceramic coated. If water drops dry over the car surface, it leaves chemicals and dirt creating scratches or spots on your car. When these spots are cleaned, the process may damage the underneath layer. 

Worried about your decision? Talk to Auto Boss 

Auto Boss Vaughan experts provide you with the right information about the best protection option that will keep your car’s appearance sleek and new. Reach out to our experts to get information about the paint protection options and install them perfectly in your car. Decide whether ceramic car coating is right for your vehicle or not.


Like every other protective option, a ceramic car coat has some drawbacks. Ceramic coating not only protects the vehicle from every external element along with a superior appearance. Get the added protection layer to your car paint, and get a ceramic coat with Auto Boss.


Is ceramic auto-coating worth it?

Yes! Ceramic coating for cars is one of the best paint protection options that provides ultimate protection against corrosion and environmental elements.

What are the benefits of ceramic paint protection? 

The benefits of ceramic car coating include harmful UV rays, chemical stains, water spots, swirl marks, and scratches while providing your car with candy-like gloss and ease of cleaning.

How long does ceramic auto-coating last?

Ceramic car coating lasts for up to five years and can last up to ten years if maintained properly.