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Like we have debates on Katy Perry vs Miley Cyrus in music, car owners also discuss ceramic coating vs wax. If you’re a car lover or owner, there’s a high chance you understand these terms.

It’s even possible you believe both ceramic coating and wax are the same. Of course, they are both coatings for your car, but they have their differences.

You see, there are several car maintenance activities to maintain your vehicle. You can wash your car regularly and drive safely. But asides from washing and safe driving, there are still some other ways to keep your vehicle. Some of these ways include protecting your car with ceramic coating or wax.

If you own a car or you plan to own one, you’ll know that buying a car is no easy feat. And since you invest so much into buying a car, you should invest heavily in protecting the car.

When you want to invest in car protection coating, you have about three options. Asides from waxing or ceramic coating, you can also use sealants to protect your car. Each one of these options has its features, advantages, and disadvantages. However, for this article, we’ll focus on the waxing and ceramic coating of your car.

In this article, we’ll give the definitions of ceramic coating and wax. We’ll also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both coating styles. After that, we’ll compare ceramic coating vs wax for your cars. So, get ready for a truckload of all the information you need.

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What is Car Wax?

If you want to compare ceramic coating vs wax, then car wax will always take an automatic lead. Car waxing is the most prominent form of car coating protection you’ll see around. Not only is car waxing popular, but it also has low-cost implications. And that’s one of the primary reasons for the widespread use of this coating style.

Wax is a perfect mixture of different products that can change states when the temperature rises. And this feature is one of the primary differences between ceramic coating and waxing. These wax materials can vary from a solid-state to a liquid state when you increase the heat. In doing so, a wax layer shields the paint of your car from the hazards of the environment.

In most cases, the type of wax widely used for car protection is carnauba wax. Carnauba wax comes from the leaves of a species of palm tree leaves — Copernicia Prunifera. Like we have mentioned, carnauba wax comes in a naturally hard state. And in this state, you can’t just wax your car with it as it will cause scratches.

You may see many auto coating companies claim that their wax is 100% carnauba. Just note it down as the first point of dishonesty because it’s impossible.

In most cases, the producers of the carnauba wax always mix it with other substances. These substances include beeswax and solvents to dissolve the natural carnauba wax. After that, they go on to combine this with some other elements like oils, colourants, among others. When they complete this process, they have the wax that you can apply to your vehicle’s body.

In recent times, there have been continuous innovations in the industry of car waxing. Professionals in chemistry and related fields have been creating synthetic forms of wax. These wax types are now in vogue and are fast replacing the natural classes of wax rather quickly.

Car waxing is not such a complicated process, but that doesn’t mean it’s too simple. It’s a task you can go through by yourself. But it’s always advisable to opt for waxing and other detailing services. That way, you’re sure your vehicle is in safe, capable hands.

What are the advantages of car waxing?

There are so many advantages of applying car wax. Of course, a significant advantage is the car protection, and another benefit is the bright gloss it gives your car’s both. However, when people compare ceramic coating vs wax, they discuss the advantages of both. Here are some advantages of car wax;

  • It is effortless to use.
  • It comes at an affordable cost.
  • A professional isn’t compulsory.
  • The natural types of wax are great for the environment.
  • In most cases, care wax has water resistance properties.

What are the disadvantages of car wax?

The advantages of car wax are numerous, which is why it is prevalent. However, like with any innovation, there are still some disadvantages. Here are some of the disadvantages of car wax;

  • Car Wax doesn’t last long. So, you’ll need to reapply frequently.
  • In the long run, car wax can become more expensive than ceramic coating.
  • Applying wax to your car is a long and daunting process.
  • There are many fake car wax products around.


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What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a relatively new style of automobile coating, but it sure has come to stay. In some places, they refer to this type of coating as nano-coating. That’s as a result of one of the features of ceramic coating, which is its nano-size. However, these features help ceramic coating perform better than wax in the area of protection.

As the name implies, the primary material used to make ceramic coating is ceramic. This coating is usually a polymer in its liquid state with silica as its source. There are different types of substances you can combine to get the perfect layer. Furthermore, this combination will affect the quality of ceramic coating you’ll get.

Silica, alongside other components, helps ceramic coating be more durable than wax. When you apply the ceramic type of coating on your car, there’s a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction means the coating will bond with the application’s surface, which is your car.

As a result, your vehicle gets better protection against external elements. Furthermore? the body of your car gets a better resistance against water and other elements that can destroy its beauty.

Ceramic coating and wax may have similar advantages. But when you compare that ceramic coating vs wax, you’ll see a clear difference.

Apart from lasting longer and higher durability, the ceramic coating will protect your car’s body from UV rays and water. And as if that’s not enough, it even prevents heat from penetrating the body.

How to apply ceramic coating?

The application of ceramic coating to your car takes a complicated process. So in most cases, you’ll always need a pro to help with your car’s ceramic coating. That’s one of the major differences between ceramic coating and wax.

First, you’ll have to buy ceramic coating for professionals; this costs between $750 to $2,000. Likewise, you’ll be needing a lot of clean space to apply a ceramic coating. This space will give the professionals to prepare adequately for the application of the ceramic coating.

When you need to apply the ceramic coating to your car, you need to exercise patience. That’s, of course, if you want the best job done. After using this coating on the car’s body, you need to keep the car for about five days under stable temperature. This timeline can be more or less, depending on your car surface.

Advantages of ceramic coating

Some of the benefits of ceramic coating for your vehicle are:

  • High level of protection from external elements.
  • Ceramic coating lasts long. It can last for about five years.
  • Ceramic coating has UV resistance.
  • This type of coating also has water resistance.
  • It is very durable.

What are the disadvantages of the ceramic coating?

The advantages of the ceramic coating are numerous and outweigh the disadvantages. However, we need to still consider some of the cons of ceramic coating. Some of them are:

  • The high cost of initial purchase.
  • You mostly need a professional to apply.
  • The process is daunting and lengthy.

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Ceramic coating vs wax is a common topic of debate amongst car owners. Both coating methods have their respective pros and cons, which we have described above.

If you’re looking for a straightforward application of the coating, car wax is perfect for you. But if you want a protective layer that lasts long and offers better protection, then ceramic coating is the best option.

Whichever coating style you choose, how you apply it to your car matters. At Auto Boss Vaughan, not only do we know the practical application of these coatings, but we can also advise you on your overall auto needs. Check out our auto shop services today!