Audi paint protection film

Paint protection film also known as PPF, or clear bra. PPF is the top solution for car paint protection from road debris or stone chips. It protects your Audi’s paint from cracking, staining, hazing, peeling, or yellowing. Audi clear bra maximizes your vehicle’s resale value, keeping your vehicle’s condition for coming years.

Audi paint protection film

Audi paint protection film keeps your Audi of any model in the finest look. No matter how careful a driver you are, rocks. Sand, salt, road debris, bug splatters, acid rain, bird droppings, and other elements affect the beauty of your Audi. Audi Clear Bra or PPF defends your vehicle against hazards encountered while driving on the road and ensures its best appearance.

How does Audi paint protection film work?

Audi paint protection film helps your vehicle to get protected from many environmental options, chips and scratches. As paint protection experts, we guarantee that Audi PPF works, but its protection level depends on the quality and expertise of the installation experts. 

Ready to use 

Audi clear bra is available in ready-to-use rolls that consist of several layers with different functions. You can remove one layer when you want to give your car a new look. The adhesive of Audi PPF makes it stick to the car’s clear coat while 100% removable without damaging it. 

A barrier between your paint and the outside world
A barrier between your paint and the outside world

An Audi clear bra is a durable, clear car wrap that is applied to car paint. The Audi PPF provides a protective barrier between the outside environment and your car paint. It reduces the damage risk that keeps the brilliance of the paint of your Audi. 

Protection against rock chips: when you drive on the road, the small rocks on it can hit your car surface with high impact, creating damage to your car paint. It is difficult to reverse these damages. However, giving a touch-up to the chipped area and polish can give the paint a good look from a distance, but you need to repaint the whole panel by the end. When you apply PPF, it will flex with the impact-absorbing force while saving the car paint beneath it.

Protection against scuffs, scratches, and scrapes: The self-healing properties of the Audi clear bra won’t let minor scratches remain on the films. Urethane is a soft film that becomes malleable while heating. When the films get heated, they can reject energy absorbed by the impact and return to their original form after cooling down. If you are driving or living in a hot region, the paint protection film will heal it by itself. 

Protection against organic acids: Bug guts, bird droppings, tree saps, and environmental pollution have organic acids. When you get high-quality protection and installed professionally, the Audi clear bra protects your car against organic acids that can create damage over time. Organic acids in bird dropping can stick to the car’s surface and damage its paint. 

Protection against dirt and debris: PPF protects your car’s surface against dirt and road debris such as road salt. The road debris can destroy your paint work in the long run. 

Protection against UV rays: The Audi PPF protects your vehicle against UV radiation that can be a reason for fading and even cracking. If your vehicle receives uneven light, you may end up with a car paint color fading in patches.



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Easy to wash

Shiny and fresh paint makes your Audi look expensive, luxurious, and sleek. However, the sleek appearance fades away with time; you may need wax or washing to bring the luster back. Most PPF repels dirt, dust, and grim, which is unavoidable when you drive. 

Audi clear bra doesn’t let contaminants retain or stick to the car surface, which makes it easy to wash. 

It lasts for years

The Audi PPF lasts for years; depending on the PPF quality, maintenance, and your car, it may last over a decade. Remember! Besides the quality of the Audi PPF, professional installation is helpful in improving the lifetime of paint protection film.

Money saving
Money saving

Installing Audi PPF pays off with time. Repairing or redoing the paintwork can be expensive. However, the car paint protection film is cheaper in the long run. 

Computer generated pieces 

Audi Paint protection film is computer-generated, making it undetectable and easy to install. Choose the desired region that is required, like bumpers, hoods, or over the whole body, then apply the film on the vehicle.  


The cost of Audi PPF is unparalleled to other protection products. However, you can reduce the budget and get it professionally attached. The cost of PPF installation depends on several factors, including the quality of Audi PPF, installer fees, the complexity of your car design, and the surface area.

Select Audi Paint protection film services from Auto Boss

Are you looking to protect your Audi from environmental factors? Audi PPF, or clear bra, provides protection against hazards from the road and the environment. We are an experienced, long-established company in Vaughan, Canada, that provides superior Audi paint protection film  installation services. Our skilled craftsmanship, experience, and comprehensive services guarantee the showroom condition of your Audi, along with ultimate protection. Get in touch with our experienced professionals to get the best-in-class services. 


Audi paint protection film is a comprehensive and long-term solution to keep your car paint looking great. It provides various benefits; you may require quality products and professional installation that makes it peel, fade, and increase resale value over time. 


Can Audi have a ceramic coating?

Regardless of the model of your Audi, you will require a pristine appearance. 

How long does the Audi PPF last?

Audi clear bras last for up to five years with proper maintenance and care. However, factors like environment, annual mileage, and washing routine affect the life span of your Audi PPF.

Is Audi PPF worth it?

Audi paint protection coating is an affordable protection option that improves the resale value of your Audi.