The car trunk is one of the dirtiest and most neglected parts of your vehicle. Here, I will guide you entirely about cleaning the car trunk. 

Interior detailing solution

It consists of a 60% alcohol-based solution created to remove most organic contaminants from the car’s surface. This solution helps maintain your car interior and can be purified for the driver and passengers.

Cleaning trunk area 

Cleaning your car trunk is the most neglected part of the cleaning process. However, professional detailers provide a lot of attention. Items like dirty boots, motor oil, and others can be stored in the car trunk. There are a wide array of stains to clean that can be stored in the car trunk. It can be aesthetically unpleasant to the drivers. The stains can also develop an odor that is filled up in the car interior.

Many products are dedicated to cleaning trunk stains and odors. In addition, a variety of items available in the home can solve your problems. Auto Boss Vaughan experts can make your trunk area into a new condition.

Tips for cleaning trunk

There are several tips available for cleaning your car trunk. Some of the tips are as follows:

Start with the basics of detailing a trunk

The trunk is loaded with boots, umbrellas, empty bottles, coats, and other items. Ensure the items before the interior detailing of the trunk. It allows you to look around the trunk, and it can be cleaned thoroughly. You will be able to see the stains. 

Once your car trunk is empty, start vacuuming it thoroughly and remove the available dirt from the carpet. Removing the carpet, you can target the objects lodged in the trunk, like the spare tire.

Gas spillages are causing nasty stains in the car trunk

You can store gas can temporarily in your car trunk; however, spillage can also occur. Cat litter or rug has excellent qualities of absorbing gas. You may leave a bit of stain before brushing and cleaning. You can use a mixture of water and soap to soak the stains. A foul smell can prevail after drying. When you spread coffee grounds, they can absorb odors. Our specialized treatment helps you in removing odor and stains.

Small objects with a more significant impact 

Professional automotive detailing experts use different and specialized tools to help you eliminate stains. However, you can use household items to clean the car trunk. 

Glass cleaner: Glass cleaner is a product for removing stains from carpet, as it don’t leave any suds behind. When you soak the stain for five minutes, remove it with a dry cloth. You only need to rinse it off with cold water. Soaking the stain is significant in cleaning the truck.

Check for hidden dirt in the trunk lid

Auto detailing professionals from Auto Boss Vaughan are trained to detect and remove stains you may not notice. It includes crannies and nooks such as the trunk lid. 

Dirt, grime, or grease builds up around the trunk lid over time. Here! I can tell you some solutions. 

Wrap a microfibre cloth around the narrow brush with fine bristles and move it through the seals. It ensures no damage to the seals but easy access to narrow places. A detailing professional can keep a keen eye on every corner of the vehicle, and they will remember everything. 

Car cleaning is difficult for those not used to it. It may be difficult if you are doing it for the first time. If you need more time and patience and can clean it properly, you can consider Auto Boss Vaughan for complete detailing services. 

Our detailers are trained and experienced in cleaning and polishing your car’s interior and exterior. Our detailing services include everything from cleaning and waxing the car exterior to shampooing upholstery and carpets.


Proper cleaning is a complicated and sometimes tiring task; however, it is simple, primarily when you are used to it. Following the tips discussed, you can keep your car in the best condition. 

However, you can schedule a detailing expert! If you do so, Auto Boss Vaughan is here to help! We provide excellent quality auto cleaning services.


Explain interior detailing spray?

You can spray interior detailing on everything from exterior to interior, even on vinyl wraps. The spray is used to make the car interior shine. Spray the product with a clean microfiber towel or 100% soft cotton. Wipe off the surface afterward.

Can interior detailing help remove stains?

Yes! Car interior detailing services use tools and products that follow predefined processes that can remove stains from your car interior. It improves your car’s resale value. 

What are the DIY Steps of interior detailing?

DIY steps of interior detailing are:

  • Wash and rinse the car interior
  • Wash car wheels 
  • Dry 
  • Polish plastic parts like the console or dashboard.
  • Clean windows 
  • Clean the car seats and door panels
  • Vacuum floor 
  • Shampoo floor mats and carpets.

How to clean your dashboard?

Firstly pick up the debris or dust available on the dashboard. Use a soft microfiber or cotton cloth, dip it in the water, and wipe it later. If your car interior is grimy, fill a solution of mild pH soap and warm water in a bowl. Use the solution to wipe the steering wheel, dashboard, hand brake, and whole interior plastic of your car.

How do interior detailers remove dirt from your car?

Interior detailers use specific extractor soap instead of ordinary soap. The extractor soap is unique and specifically designed for automotive interiors. It can penetrate the seat and carpet fibers to dissolve hard stains.