FCPP ceramic coating

When it comes to protecting your car, ceramic coating is the next-generation option for paint protection. Ceramic coating is applied by hand, and liquid polymers make a semi-permanent layer with the vehicle paint. The coating makes it easy to clean as it doesn’t let contaminants stick to the vehicle’s surface. The question arises here: which ceramic coating is considered best in Canada? When you are thinking of getting a protection layer, FCPP ceramic coating is best.

What is FCPP ceramic coating?

First, Canadian platinum ceramic paint protection is a liquid coating that creates a chemical bond to your car’s surface. Once it is cured, it creates an exceptionally durable and strong glass shield to resist acids, solvents, alkalis, corrosion, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions.

The FCPP ceramic coating fills the tiny pores in the vehicle paint, making the surface smooth, shiny, sleek, and easy to maintain. You can remove scratches with light polishing without damaging the car’s clear coat. You require only a single layer of this coating on the plastic trims and paint of your car. Its price starts from $375 and more, depending on the size and model of your vehicle. 

Do you want your vehicle to stand out from other vehicles? If you want your car to look as pristine and shiny as factory finishes. Detailing and protective products are effective in making your vehicle look like a new one, along with long-lasting protection from the car paint. 

Before investing money and time into protection products, do some homework and get the complete facts. You can get these facts initially from the internet, and then you must talk to those who have already invested in the protective layers. Check for local products as they are available in smaller amounts. If you are new to these products, ceramic coating is the best among others. 

Why choose FCPP ceramic coating?

FCPP ceramic coating is one the best among other sealants. Its composition is silica (SiO2) or silicon dioxide. When these chemical elements are combined with other chemicals like titanium dioxide, triethanolamine, polysiloxane, and water, they result in a resilient coating; this liquid coating is applied on a hard vehicle surface. It protects the surface and makes it look the best for years.

Suppose you want to determine the hot-selling DIY ceramic coating; among other things, check the silica concentration. Remember! a higher level of silica content makes a stronger ceramic coating. 

Benefits of the FCPP ceramic coating
Benefits of the FCPP ceramic coating

Here are some of the benefits of FCPP ceramic coating:

Incredible resistance 

FCPP coating creates a stronger chemical bond to the vehicle surface after it hardens. Once it is applied to the vehicle, it is difficult to remove it, especially with pressure washers or paint cleaners. A high-quality coating like FCPP ceramic car coating offers protection against extreme weather conditions for more than a couple of years. It provides more resistance than other products.

Pollutant resistant 

Pollutants are hazardous not only to health but also to the shine and color of the car paint. A high-quality FCPP ceramic coating protects your car from pollutants and other chemicals produced by brake fluids, gasoline generic cleaners, etc.

Factory shine 

Cleaning your vehicle regularly and not getting the required shine to it? Are you a car lover and want the latest car model? A dull car paint reduces the car’s value. However, a sleek, shiny car is more valuable. If your car is losing its shiny appearance, FCPP ceramic coating makes the car appear amazingly glossy. 

Keeps your car clean for long

FCPP-coated the car with ceramic products; your vehicle still gets dirty when you drive on the roads. You may need to wash it less often than an uncoated car requires. The hydrophobic qualities make cleaning a ceramic-coated car because water, dirt, and chemicals bead from the surface without leaving marks on it. 

UV protection 

Everyone knows that sun rays are damaging to not only your skin but car paint as well. Prolonged exposure to the sun fades and oxidizes the vehicle’s paint. Your car’s appearance will look old, and the paint will be worn out before its natural age. If you want ultimate protection against Sun damage and you don’t have a facility to park it in the shade or garage, get a ceramic coating on it. 

An extra protection, a hard layer of FCPP coating, prevents your car paint from fading.

Protection against tree sap and bird droppings
Protection against tree sap and bird droppings

Do you think tree sap or bird droppings are natural elements, and they will not harm your car paint? You are wrong. Both of these substances are acidic, and if they are left on the car’s surface, they stick to it. Sticky elements make your car surfaces difficult to clean, and you may damage car paint while cleaning them. However, the protective layer won’t let them stick to it.

Inexpensive car wash 

Automatic car washes can cause damage to your car’s surface. However, they are time-saving and hassle-free. However, their brushes are not properly maintained and can cause deep scratches to your car’s surface. Although the ceramic coating is not scratch-proof, it reduces the risk of swirl marks. 

Remember! Both professional and DIY car coatings protect the car’s surface when applied properly. 

Reduces the need for detailing products 

It is a common question: Is it possible to apply wax to a ceramic coating? Yes! You can; it can improve the shine of the car body. But wax attracts dust, dirt, pollen, and tree sap, leading to a dirtier vehicle. 

FCPP coating is the best solution for a shiny car appearance; it extends the life of car paint and reduces the need for heavy maintenance.

Ceramic car coating can be applied to any surface

The best thing about FCPP ceramic car coating is its versatility and compatibility. You can apply it to any surface, including trim, fiberglass, headlights, wheels, glass, chrome, and even vinyl wraps or paint protection films.

Prevents water spotting 

High-quality ceramic coating has a hydrophobic feature, meaning it repels water and other chemicals from the car’s surface. Hence, it prevents rusting in the long run.

Water can be damaging to your vehicle’s surface, especially when it comes to acidic rain and hard water. Water particles evaporate, leaving salt, mineral deposits, and dirt that etch and solidify into your car paint. Your car paint is damaged while removing these sticky substances that can lead to rusting. 

Ceramic car coating not only makes your car surface shiny but protects it from damage and rusting.

Why choose Auto Boss experts for ceramic coating application? 

When you want to apply the ceramic coating by yourself, the chances of making mistakes are more that may lead to costly corrections. However, the experts from Auto Boss Vaughan are experienced and equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools. Although you may feel that our experts are expensive, they guarantee you every step and the finest finish to your car. They will perform every necessary step in-house and deliver your vehicle within the given time.


FCPP coating is one of the famous coatings in Canada that Auto Boss experts are using to give your car a new shine while protecting it from environmental elements.


Is getting FCPP coating worth it?

Yes! FCPP ceramic car coating is greater for paint protection and improves paint life while enhancing glossy appearance.

What are the downsides of ceramic car coating?

Ceramic car coating is not permanent; it wears off after a few years. It is expensive and requires professional installation.

Is ceramic coating beneficial for your car?

Ceramic car coating protects your vehicle from UV rays and repels water to prevent your vehicle from rusting.

How does FCPP ceramic coating last?

Ceramic coating lasts up to five years, depending on different factors.